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  1. Does it bother anyone else how a specific bass cab is advertised as a 500 watt cab but the rating (tag on the back of the cab) specifies a rating of 400. I know how they get away with it but it makes it hard to compare apples to apples. The GK 1x15 is advertised through Sweetwater as a 500 watt cab but the specification tag reads; Rating 400 watts. When I look at other cabs, the advertised rating matches the rating on the back of the cab.
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    To which specific GK are you referring, the Neo 1 x15?
  3. Gallien-Krueger Neo 115-III 1x15" 500-watt Cabinet with Horn 8-Ohm
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    Well there does appear to be a discrepancy of some sort... even in GK's own literature, it says the cab is rated at 400 watts, yet they say the 15" driver in it is rated at 500 watts. The difference between the two isn't large, being something less than 1 dB, but it is somewhat puzzling.
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  7. I believe it has to do with RMS vs rated watts. RMS is 500 watts and 400 watts is the rating. However I say, advertise the rating that is stamped on the cab.
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    And realistically, 250 watts is probably about what that speaker can handle thermally.
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    No, it doesn't bother me unless it blows at a reasonable volume. It is just a guide and nothing more. I've run 500 rated cabs with a 1,000 watt rms amp many times and had no problems. The difference between 400 watts and 500 watts is rather miniscule in the grand scheme of things. Don't let it bother you.

    May the Funk be with you.
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    Using a 500W driver does not give you a cab that can handle 500W of deep bass. It's fairly normal for mechanical power handling below 100hz to be less than the driver's RMS power rating.
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    Peak RMS vs Program RMS.
  12. Maybe the driver is rated at 500 watts RMS, but in that particular enclosure it's only good for 400 watts RMS. The effective power handling of a cabinet is often much less than the thermal rating of the drivers in it.

    Or it could just be a typo, I'd email GK for confirmation.
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  13. This is from the Gear4Music page:

    Gallien Krueger NEO 115 III 8ohm Bass Cab

    • Impedance: 8 ohms
    • Power Handling (RMS): 400W
    • Power Handling (Peak): 800W
    • Sensitivity: 99 dB
    • Maximum SPL: 125 dB
    • Frequency Resp (-3dB): 45 Hz - 19 kHz
    • Woofers (Neodymium): 500W 8 ohm
    • Horn (P-Audio): 25W 8 ohm
    • Porting: Front-Ported
    • Weight: 18.14 KG
    • Dimensions: 59.69 x 49.53 x 46.99 cm
  14. I did ask Sweetwater if it was an error. The answer from Sweetwater was, this is the rating that GK told them to advertise.
  15. I think I'd take that response with a pinch of salt... sounds like they took the wrong rating from the GK specs and can't be bothered to change their website.
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    It really doesn’t matter much. Those ratings are so general that anything within a few ballparks is close enough. Once a cabinet becomes a part of a rig, with a specific amp, with amp knobs at specific settings, in a specific room, with a specific bass and player, in a specific band, that’s when the limits become known. Until then, don’t sweat it.
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    In my experience Spec's on Basses, Amps and Cabinets on Retail Online Stores are prone to Errors [Different one Store to another]. I always confirm on Manufacture Website or Email Manufacture with noted discrepancies asking for clarity.
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    I play it safe and generally go with about half the cab's rating, but I'm also not in a position where every last decibel matters.
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  20. Interestingly even on the GK website it lists the cab as 500w but in the online manual says 400w... maybe it's not Sweetwater's fault after all!
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    No, “Peak” is mathematically based on 2x the RMS value. They are 2 different ways to describe exactly the same thing.