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    I woke this great sounding piezo saddle bass from near extinction with some love and quality time. I don’t play it enough.

    8.0 Lbs
    Dunlop Black Straploks
    Little fretwear
    Active 3 band preamp with onboard tuner and phase switch
    Gotoh GB11 tuners
    Singlecut body
    Cream binding

    There are a few dings and scratches here and there, but nothing affects the playing experience. I won’t go too far into details about the dings. It’s not like you can find another one of these anywhere, anyway. I tried With plans to defret one.

    Sound is round, defined and balanced, with an airy, brilliant snappy edge.
    When tuned down, the bass gets very deep. The eq is very powerful. When one plays very hard, there is a slight crunchiness that can be dialed in or out with a change of the parallel tuning capacitor between the pickup and the preamp. Super neat bass.

    $400 shipped.

    B9963DDE-A98F-471B-9F74-948D81BA61B7.jpeg 7FF7EA4D-E259-464D-9706-43CE3D902EDD.jpeg DA661082-C4FC-4FC2-BB29-CE7FE2E88544.jpeg D7404E6F-F846-4571-96C2-D9A9C8227066.jpeg F5BA8057-B779-40D7-97D6-4395762E6F2C.jpeg 96704D39-F711-4A12-B2EB-03F798175020.jpeg A6B130CD-AC2E-499E-ACA3-D125A830FB14.jpeg 61D15D90-6846-41C3-A4A7-E56D6CA8ABAF.jpeg FBFE98E9-DC35-483D-9433-5BAC18C6D3F1.jpeg FA8DC8BC-7172-4C7B-9763-DE4B1ACDA118.jpeg 2349CD89-1C29-4F22-8BBD-CACFFB44C36B.jpeg F0EC95BD-B309-4E41-AB33-BDAF439B98BA.jpeg
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  2. TimBosby

    TimBosby Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 19, 2004
    Omaha, NE, USA
    Very cool, never seen anything like this.
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  3. barebones

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    Jan 3, 2005
    Denver, CO
    Interesting. Never seen one of these. What's the scale length?
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  4. It’s a standard 34”
  5. cubanz


    Nov 2, 2006
    just came across this yesterday. terrible and sad. GLWTS

    Popular Mechanics has a Story up about Wayne Charvel losing his house and shop in Paradise. For those with no interest in 80s hard rock, Charvel is a renowned guitar designer whose modified “SuperStrats” and flying Vs were the faves of many hair and bandana bands. If you watched MTV for ten minutes in that era, you were bound to see one of his fast-playing, long sustaining axes.

    It may be a while before you see more. As his son Michael tells it,

    Gone. My dad’s got years and years making the templates and the jigs and all the tooling and the custom bits and in less than a couple hours, everything was destroyed. He’s been building guitars since 1959. A lifetime of work is destroyed in a couple hours.

    He had a lot of vintage tools. One was a Bridgeport mill from the 1940s. That mill was an incredible tool for cutting out templates and routing cavities for pickups. With vintage tools, as a generalization, all that stuff was built in that era in America when things were super heavy-duty, the metals in the old machinery were better. That mill would last me my lifetime and another person’s lifetime. Short of a fire nothing would happen to it. A lot of the new machinery nowadays is made over in Taiwan and China so the quality suffers. They’re not built as robust as the old stuff was.

    He made his own overhead pin router to cut the shape of the guitar. We don’t have a CNC machine. CNC machines are great for big companies trying to make a lot of guitars because you can spit out six bodies in one shot as opposed to me routing out one. But there’s something romantic and cool, it’s old-school using the pin router. We’re not trying to make that many guitars. Our whole objective is to make the best guitar we can, that has vibe, that has soul to it. About 98 percent of the guitars we build are literally one of a kind.​
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