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    Oct 8, 2004
    Mobile, AL
    ok so by now i have printed out sooooo many sheets of tabs and i dont know how to organize them. anyone got any ideas?
  2. I had the same problem I have hundreds of transcriptions that I've done you can either put them in order of styles ( ie: funk blues ballads etc. ) or alphabetical order ( artist name or title of the tune )
  3. Finger Blister

    Finger Blister

    Jul 8, 2003
    I have a couple thousand transcriptions.
    Over a thousand just in Books and Magazines alone ("The Library")
    ex. Guitar World back issues, Bass Tab White Pages,
    any publication I own with a transcription in it.

    Then there are Tabs and Transcriptions in digital form on the hard drive.

    I use MS Access Database.
    Or you can use Excel with similar results.
    Completely flexible.

    All print "Library" material has Publication Title & Issue Date
    so I can easily find which Book or Magazine the music is in.

    If the music is on my hard drive, I create a Hyperlink in the database
    that will take me to the transcription.

    I also have a column on whether or not I own the recorded music.

    If I do have a copy of the tune, I list the type (MP3, Tape, CD, Record)
    Album name, etc... so I can find the matching recording.
    If the MP3 is on the hard disk, then a hyperlink in the database brings it up.

    Ex. 1 - Sorted by Artist Bass Transcriptions found in my mag. publications
    (no online Tab). Sorted again by date of publication.

    [b][u]id	Source	           Date	 Artist	             Title[/b][/u]
    202	Guitar	          4/1/1997	Led Zeppelin	What Is and What Should Never Be
    131	Guitar	          9/1/1998	Led Zeppelin	Immigrant Song
    57	Guitar World S.I.	1/1/2000	Led Zeppelin	Rock And Roll
    12	Guitar World	7/1/2000	Led Zeppelin	Stairway To Heaven
    258	Guitar World	3/1/2001	Led Zeppelin	Black Dog
    3	Guitar World	8/1/2001	Led Zeppelin	The Ocean
    313	Guitar World	1/1/2002	Led Zeppelin	Hey, Hey What Can I Do
    651	Bass White Pages	2/19/2003	Led Zeppelin	You Shook Me
    650	Bass White Pages	2/19/2003	Led Zeppelin	I Can't Quit You Babe
    767	Guitar World	4/1/2003	Led Zeppelin	When The Levee Breaks
    775	Guitar World	7/1/2003	Led Zeppelin	Immigrant Song (Live)
    774	Guitar World	7/1/2003	Led Zeppelin	Dazed & Confused
    821	Bass Guitar	12/1/2004	Led Zeppelin	Ramble On[/size]
    Ex. 2 - Smashing Pumpkins Bass publications sorted by song title:
    [b][u]Source	               Date	      Artist	         Title[/b][/u]
    Guitar World	11/1/2003	Smashing Pumpkins	Bullet With Butterfly Wings
    Guitar World	11/1/1998	Smashing Pumpkins	Perfect
    Guitar World	4/1/2000	Smashing Pumpkins	The Everlasting Gaze
    Guitar World	3/1/1997	Smashing Pumpkins	Thirty Three
    Guitar	           4/1/1997	Smashing Pumpkins	You're All I've Got Tonight[/size]
  4. Opps! I thought you meant written out ones