SOLD Wayne Jones 2x10 Powered Cabinet (MINT)

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    If you are interested in a powered cabinet this thing is amazing.
    I was using my Sonic Farm 2di4 as the preamp and it was/is tonal bliss.

    Why am I selling?
    I just discovered my water heater needs to be replaced :(

    I won't ship this due to cost (i.e. local pickup only).
    Boxer_1561592308.304034_asset.jpg Boxer_1561592300.964235_asset.jpg Boxer_1561592339.677167_asset.jpg
    From the Wayne Jones Audio website:

    The WJ 2×10

    Now you can have a 1000 Watt Compact, Portable High End, High Powered, Crystal Clear, Full Range 2×10 Bass Cabinet (40 Hz – 20 KHz & does the job of a 4×10) that only requires a pre-amp, your bass & yourself. Or spoil yourself with 2 cabinets & have 2000 watts in 4×10’s.
    • Now lighter & more portable. The cabinet is made from lightweight poplar ply which is internally braced & is finished with extremely durable automotive vinyl.
    • I still use the same 10” driver design that was in my previous model (if it aint broke don’t fix it) with air dried Kevlar Impregnated cones, a 70mm voice coil, massive ferrite magnets (in preference to Neo).
    • All bass cabinets in the new range now have JBL tweeters.
    • The cabinet has a separate rear section for the pull out handle & to allow air flow to cool the heat sink. A state of the art switch mode D Class power amp with amazing dynamics, 20Hz to 20KHz frequency range (see specs) is built into the rear panel of the cabinet with a grill to protect it. I could have used what most other companies are using but this power amp far surpasses them with specs & amp quality.
    It’s a 500 Watt per side stereo amp (2 individual mono amps) that is bridged giving 1000Watts RMS into 8 Ohms. Perfect for my cabinets as they need the power to move those drivers to give you all those frequencies. As opposed to other cab companies where their speakers do not deliver all the frequencies as present & as balanced as mine.

    • The rear handle is a rugged road case pull-out handle by Penn Elcom. The castors are also rugged & take far more weight than is needed.
    • It also has 2 recessed bar handles for alternative carrying
    • Standard plastic interlocking corners
    • 1.6mm perforated powder coated front & rear grills
    How to use
    • Make all mains & pre amp connections. (output from pre-amp to Input of WJ powered cab) with volume down on bass & pre amp. Turn on the mains, then your pre, then the power-amp. Then turn up your volumes to set your sound. Reverse process to shut down
    • Set the mid around 3 o’clock & the high approx. 12 O’clock.
    • H 65cm W42cm D57cm
    • Weight 35kg
    • Heavy duty pull-out road case handle
    • 2 side bar handles
    • Heavy duty castors
    • Rear Grill to protect & allow air to the heat sink
    Cabinet Specs
    • Power Amp – State of the art D Class switch mode stereo power amp 1000 Watts bridged into 8 ohms with heat sink plate mounted into the rear of the cabinet.
    • Internally the power amp mains cable has a heavy duty ferrite on it to shield from RF interference.
    • Power Amp frequency – 20 Hz – 20 KHz
    • High Pass Filter – 30Hz roll off
    • Cabinet tuning – 40 Hz to 20KHz (speakers will actually reproduce below 30Hz thus the need for the HPF)
    • Drivers – 2 custom made Wayne Jones 10” drivers with Aluminium cast frames, Kevlar impregnated cones with specially formulated Eucalyptus pulp
    • Voice coil – 70mm
    • Magnet – Massive Ferrite.
      Individual driver specs. 40 Hz to 4.5 KHz
    • Tweeter – JBL, 1.75” Voice coil
    • Crossover point 3.5Khz
    • Control plate- Brushed Stainless Steel
    • Mains in Power – IEC
    • XLR balanced Input
    • LED readout for thermal & amp; clip Indication
    • Attenuators
      • High -12Db cut
      • Mid -12Db cut @ 300Hz to 600 Hz range
  2. Ross McLochness

    Ross McLochness Living Room Bassist Extraordinaire

    Aug 20, 2013
    Eden Prairie, MN
    Bump-Shaker :)