Wayne Jones making Cabs again

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  1. :bag: Hi guys, pretty new here so go easy on me. My wife's a long-time poster (recently inactive) called Dr. Teeth. Her bass teacher is Wayne Jones, and I caught up with him last week and he confirmed that he is INDEED making bass cabs again.

    His current Cab design is basically his classic (some say legendary) 2x10" 780w RMS, 8 Ohm setup, weighs a tonne, takes some power to drive, and is unbelievably rich. The two upgrades he's made are to the high and mid-frequency attenuators and he's got a better horn in them now than the original design, which makes a difference to the overtones, as well as to those using them for instruments other than bass.

    Dr Teeth uses two of the classics in series (therefore, 4-ohm) driven by a Stewart World 1.2 from her Warwick Corvette Active 4-string (swamp ash), and it sounds rich, warm, and full.

    It also sounds phenomenal with Wayne's custom-built 6-string carbon-fibre neck bass when he plays on it. Not that his natural tone and touch don't contribute, of course...

    The beauty of these babies is that they let the natural tone come through without the squashed sound you usually get with 2x10s. The sound is big, full and natural, but with the attack you want from bass rigs.

    This might be sounding like a bit of an ad, and I'm sorry if it does, but I'm just thrilled with their sound and rapt that Wayne's back in business building the things. :hyper:

    Just read the replies this thread will inevitably get to form a balanced view of the WJ Cabs.

    Interesting links about Wayne and his cabs:
    Tech Specs:

    PM me for his contact details, as he hasn't got his website up again yet. :D


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    ...hmmm, great news regardless, though, quite pricey...

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    cant wait for Tombowlus to tell us more... :p
  4. I think there was a WJ 210 used at Bass NW a few weeks ago...
  5. I was actually quite disappointed by my Wayne Jones 210.... very scooped sounding (I thought it strange that he had a mid attenuator in there... it needed a mid booster!) It sounded great in the basement.... buried on the gig.

    It did have big, low end booty for a 210... lot's of cone excursion, which might have resulted in the very shy mids... almost like the 10's were more like a subwoofer design (long throw, or whatever) than a more typical full range 10" bass driver. The sound was almost like the Acme's with the mid attunuator all the way on 'cut'.

    IMO, there are many new and better designs out there at the moment (EA, Epi, Accu, Berg) that are smaller, louder, more 'even' sounding and less expensive.

    Of course, IMO. Don't mean to bash them, but wanted to get my experience out there since most buyers would not be able to try these cabs before purchasing.
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    I thought we agreed that you'd be the "Johnny on the spot" for testing the WJ cabs? ;)

    BTW, you did a great review the first time around. :D

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    but the WJ has yet to be absorbed by the Bowlus Borg! :D

    and KJ,

    interesting comments. the WJ seemed more open and hifi than my Acmes, but again, once i got the juice workin', they were like sonic cannons!
  8. Wayne's got the website up again...


    Sorry for the really long URL.

    He can be emailed on (please don't spam the guy!):
    [email protected]

    By the way, Marcus Miller has just started using Wayne Jones Cabs.

    Jazz fans know Marcus from the last couple decades, including (1980s) production and playing bass for Miles Davis on "Full Nelson", "Tutu" and "Amandla" and playing (and producing) PunkJazz on the recent Jaco tribute CD "Word of Mouth Revisited"

    And everyone knows Spearhead's Carl Young uses a stack of four (!) as his touring rig.

    Not that professionals know everything, but these guys (especially Miller, being a producer) are deeply into the sound of their gear.

    Obviously, the sound is not for everyone, and these cabs do take a lot of juice to run (rated at 780W RMS at 8 ohms!!), but to me they're glorious when driven properly. I never had any issues like KJung's with any midrange shortage myself, but we drive them off a World 1.2 in bridged mode, which has juice to spare.

    Anyone else compared these to the Acmes?


    Genghisbunny :p
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    Who?? Not ringing a bell.
    What else has he done???

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    I'm affraid I agree. It should be pointed out that Wayne Jones is a fantastic musician, but is is in essence a Jazz player. To me this suggests he's designed a cab which will suit your typical Jazz gig. i.e. mellow sounding and most useful at medium SPL applications. If that's your MO, then by all means check em out. If you're a rock-pig like me, I wouldn't bother.
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    i thought they were touted for their incredible volume in a small package, no?
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    ....and also claim to work down to 33Hz. With current technology, it's a case of "Loud, Low, Small - pick any two!" Anyone that claims all 3 has somehow defied the laws of physics. The trick is finding the right trade-off for a balance of all 3........

    I got to play through a Wayne Jones a few years ago. I turned up to watch a band, and the bass player turned out to be someone I know. He'd just picked up a WJ cab and wasn't sure if he liked it, so when he invited me up to play a few songs, I took it as an opportunity to see what the cab could do.

    Within 2 bars I was already tempted to each over the the amp's volume knob and turn up a little. At that point I dug in a bit and made the cab fart. He was pleased to hear my review because it agreed with his, only he felt unable to say so given all the hype surrounding the cab. At least he now had someone to back him up.

    About a year later I saw a used WJ cab in a store. I decided to give it a second chance, this time with other cabs handy for comparison. My opinion of it remained unchanged.
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    What amp were you using?
  14. In my case, a Walter Woods Ultra (1200 watts RMS) and an EdenWT400. I was using a 4ohm WJ cab. I really wanted to like it... incredible quality, very nice looks, a wonderfully small footprint when set upright, and lots of super low end booty... but just no presence or punch that I could ever dial in.
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    My friend's rig was a MIA Fender Jazz into a SWR Pre-amp of some kind and a QSC PLX (I can't remember exactly which one), bridged for a healthy dose of watts. The band he was playing in was a Funk/soul based outfit and while not exactly "quiet" on stage, they weren't all that loud either.

    The second time I tried it, I used my Stingray 5 through my own amp, an Ebony Quake 400 (Australian brand and pretty darn good).

    I guess it's a simple case of preference. I'm a working stiff who spends more time on stage that anywhere else. And if I can't hear myself, I can't play - simple as that. Some cabs work well on stage, others are better suited for other things. Just my opinion of course...........