For Sale Wayne Jones WJBP2 Preamp

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    20210108_133626.jpg 20210108_133636.jpg This is a Blowout price,normally they are $1200 shipped.

    These are brand new unopened and I have around 20 left.

    State of the art world class Duel channel bass preamp. Way below normal price!!!

    The WJBPII is designed with a no compromise attitude in Cost, Quality, Components & Features just as are WJ High End High Powered Bass Cabinets.



    • 2 Independent channels
      Channel 1 – 1/4” stereo/mono input
      Channel 2 – Has the option of phantom power or just use it as a second channel
    • 2 Input gain level controls with -10dB pad & Input clip Indicators for both channels
    • Optical compressor with level
    • 6 band EQ plus 30hZ boost
    • EQ Band frequencies:
      Band 1 20-300Hz, Centre set at 80Hz
      Band 2 60-1KHz, Centre set at 160 Hz
      Band 3 150-2.5KHz, Centre set at 500Hz
      Band 4 450-8KHz, Centre set at 1.6KHz
      Band 5 1KHz-20KHz Centre set at 5KHz
      Band 6 Centre set at 10KHz
    • Stereo pan control (for use when using 1 or 2 outputs to 1 or 2 WJ 1000 Watt Powered 2×10 cabs)
    • Channel selector Independent volume control of both channels
    • Master Stage volume Pre amp Output Indicator

    • Outside power supply to ensure studio quality noiseless operation, switchable 115/230V
    • Stereo XLR balanced outputs & 1/4” unbalanced. Works in conjunction with the pan control
    • Stereo/Mono FX loop
    • Foot switch mutes all output for silent tuning
    • DI pre or post with level control
    • Ground Lift for DI
    • Aux in – 1/4” or mini jack
    • Headphone out with level control
    • It also operates the built in Tuner. For standard tuning for 4, 5 & 6 string basses
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