"We are never coming to see your band again!"

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    I play in a Clapton tribute band (among others). Apparently the BL posted the setlist to our Saturday club gig online a few days before the show (I didn't see it there). During our last set we were doing 80s/90s Clapton and a bunch of people were dancing, so the BL skipped "Wonderful Tonight" to keep momentum going.

    Stop time comes. As soon as our last song ends the DJ starts blasting bad DJ music. We begin breaking down.

    I see a Man talking to our second guitarist. Apparently he had seen the online setlist.

    Man: "Are you the band leader?"

    G2: "No. He just went in the men's room. He'll be out in a minute. Can I help you with something?"

    Man: "I am effing furious! You skipped 'Wonderful Tonight.' That was our effing wedding song! It was the only reason we came tonight. It's our anniversary. We are NEVER coming to see your effing band again!!!"

    Before G2 could respond, the Man stormed into the men's room and accosted our BL at a urinal with the same story. BL offered to go back onstage and do the song, if the club allowed (if was his wedding song, too). Not good enough. "We are NEVER coming to see your effing band again!!!"

    If he had come to me, I would have asked him, if he knew we skipped it, why didn't he come up and request it?

    Meanwhile, if he tuned into the local classic rock station on the way home he probably could have heard it twice.

    Has anyone else got similar stories?
  2. Never with such hostility but we've had "regulars" come and say "how come you didn't play XXXX or YYYYY?" And they aren't happy about it.

    We just try and explain that we try to bring in new songs and something has to go in place of them. Than we make note if so and so is at a gig we can bring that certain song back for the night if it wasn't there and mention them.
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    He'd've lost me at the first expletive. Don't care if they're never coming again, good riddance.
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    My response to these types of d-bags is always "ok." They never know how to respond to it. If they keep going, I just answer every statement with "ok." They eventually walk off.
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    Yep, nothing derails a rant quicker than no reaction to it.
  6. Getting furious over a slow romantic song sounds kind of funny to me.
    &%$!! I want some #**^%! slow romance up in here!
    LOL -drunk folks are funny.
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    Jul 3, 2007
    We played a birthday party where the birthday girl (80 y.o.) asked for a specific song to be played that she'd heard us play before.

    At the start of the second set we gave it a big build up but could see she was deep in conversation and wasn't listening. Towards the end of the gig she came up and asked when we were going to play her song. We explained that we'd already played it but as she'd missed it we would play it again, she was convinced that we hadn't played it.

    We are playing an 80th for her cousin in a few weeks time, that will be 3 cousins out of the same family that we have played 80th birthday parties for.
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    Just say "I'm sorry." and move on. If he's that pissed, there will be no satisfying him. Many here will advise you to tell the guy to F off (or otherwise get ugly with the guy). That is just stupid. Really, it's classless and stupid.

    Be mature. Let the guy blow off some steam in front of his lady and move on.

    Short version: Be the bigger man instead of just another idiot. There are plenty of immature idiots in bar bands. Be original. ;)
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  10. Moral of story: never ever play Wonderful Tonight.
  11. Wasnex


    Dec 25, 2011
    I was mixing one of our groups for a veterans show and they performed Ray Charles version of America The Beautiful. I had quite a few stripes on my shoulders at the time, and a little old lady assumed I was in charge. She was all riled up and told me how disrespectful it was to play the song that way. She punched me in the chest with her bony fist and it actually kinda of hurt. I basically tried to humor her, but she kept demanding to know if I was in charge. I told here I wasn't. She looked at my stripes and said something like, well I know how the military works, and I know you will make sure this sort of thing never happens again. Then she walked of mumbling about how awful and disgraceful it was.
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    Feb 12, 2010
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    I would have told him that it was omitted for time constraints and setlists are subject to change... if he still didn't like that I'd tell him to go piss up a flagpole.
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    This is what I refer to as the "Pete Davidson" response. It is an invaluable tool in many situations.
  15. vvvmmm


    Dec 6, 2016
    Shoulda asked to be invited to the divorce party.
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    the moral of the story....it wasn't wonderful tonight...............the end.
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    Tough business.
    We had 2 patrons request some CCR tunes which we did not know.
    Their response was, "you don't know any CCR, you guys suck".
    They then started to heckle us for a few hours.
  19. RichardW


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    We usually get (from a tipsy individual) "Can you play some [band name]?" and when I say "sorry, we didn't prepare any [band name] for tonight" the reply is usually "awww! what!? OK, can you play any [same band name]?"
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    Stupid. Hahaha. Well, he's not going to be entertained by you again. Oh well, everybody else will.