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We are writing a book about the Tacoma Guitar Company and need your help.

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by RosesDad, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. RosesDad


    Feb 1, 2013

    Life long bassist of nearly 50 years and long time lurker. This forum has provided a nearly boundless source of information. I am constantly surprised by the amount and number of knowledgeable folks.

    With that said, I know there are some Tacoma Bass owners here. We need your stories and pictures. There is essentially nothing left of the Tacoma Guitar Company. Anything you can contribute will be very welcomed.

    There is a book about the Tacoma Guitar Company in the works. The groundwork is complete, we have Fender's blessing and have started gathering information. We have an email address dedicated to solicited information that is linked to the publishing program.

    We need pictures!! Photo quality is important but we have the technical resources to fix most simple problems. Being in focus is most important. A solid color background is a big help as well. One initial goal was to obtain a good quality picture of every model and any derivative. There is nothing left from the factory in terms of pictures. At the guitar owner's discretion, each owner will be identified in “The Book” as a contributor. “Herd” shots are encouraged. We can give some suggestions in setting up photos.

    Any former employees or persons with a story to tell, please take a few minutes and send us your story(s). Anything is appreciated. We reserve all editorial license. Nothing is 'off limits' but it is the editors' decision as to what gets published. And Fender. They have last look at the unpublished draft. Part of the deal.

    This book will be “informational, not confrontational”. With that said the “Rash” will be discussed; If you've got a theory, Send it in. Design and manufacturing decisions; Marketing and sales will be discussed. We hope to answer some of the 'Whys'. Again, “informational, not confrontational”. Speak up if there's a topic you would like to see explored. We'll take a look at most anything.

    The “Book” will be a 'coffee table' book. Translate that as 16” x 12” with full color pictures and about 90 pages. There will be no book jacket but the cover, back and front, will be color printed with a protective seal coat. The binding, paper and printing are A+ quality. With reasonable care it should last 100+ years.

    The initial printing will be 550 books. We plan on retailing the book at around $30. After start-up costs are recovered all profits will be forwarded to the Tacoma Guitar Forum to help keep that forum going. A couple main stream retailers have expressed interest in having a look at the book. I don't expect it to make the New York Time's Bestseller list but 550 books should not be tough to sell.

    There's a phenomenon known as 'generational attrition'. Simply put, history becomes subverted by time if an accurate accounting is not made within 30-40 years of that event's end. It's already happening with this subject in less than 10 years. In 100 years I do not want Tacoma guitars being nothing more than a footnote, if that, to the Fender story. Tacoma guitars deserve better.

    A special thank you to David and Talkbass. Talkbass and any contributing members will be gratefully acknowledged in the “Book”.

    Use this email address to submit pictures, information or to ask questions.