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We LOVE Music Appreciation!

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by bearfoot, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. bearfoot

    bearfoot SUSPENDED

    Jan 27, 2005
    schenectady, ny
    Although I grew up in the 1980's, we did not have cable TV at my parent's house. So while I can probably still quote you 1980's TV commercials, I never saw MTV during its peak.

    Fast-forward way, way too many years, and there is a Queen biopic playing in theaters. I work at Learning Center for those who suffered a brain injury. Most of them love Queen, and some are planning to see the movie.

    So, I think this would be a good day to feature Queen in the Music Appreciation group I run. We have a nice big screen, and I recently found an old Sony surround amp and a few Zenith speakers in a thrift store that has majorly upgraded the audio experience for them.

    Most of you probably know what's coming. We get to Queen music videos. There's Freddy, prancing about, the iconic songs sounding great. My desk faces the room, and I am working on the Jeopardy game for that afternoon.

    "Bi- cycle, Bi - cycle...." Oh, yeah. I like this song. I like to ride my bike. What a nice, innocent song invoking riding around in one's neighborhood... then I hear a minor disturbance in the room , and yeah, in case you've never seen the video either - "Bicycle" by Queen features about 100 naked women riding around on bikes. Hahahahaha

    Now, the people I serve are adults, this is not an issue per se. So I watched them carefully, and believe me the comments they had were hilarious. Fortunately, the individuals who might have been offended, were not in yesterday.

    Somewhere, in Rock Valhalla, Freddy must have had a laugh. I see what you did there, Freddy. Some of the best jokes are time bombs, like a gift that keeps on giving...

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