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  1. I just received my first set of Webstrings' "Detroit Flatwounds" in .045 .065 .085 .105, and installed them on my Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazz Bass.

    These are really nice strings. First off, there is no silking on them at all, but I'm not sure what function that serves when there IS silk, just decorative?

    They fit my bass well. This is a top loader, and the heavy wound portion of the E string goes into the tapered down part about 1" short of the E peg. In contrast, the GHS "Precision" flats I have on my Vintage Modified Precision has an E string that is too long, and that results in the heavy wound portion of the E string being wrapped on the peg about 2/3 of a turn when it is up to tension. It seems to work OK, but it still doesn't seem "right" to me to be winding that heavy part around the peg. Webstrings does it right, GHS does it wrong.

    These strings are smoother finished than the GHS too. Tone is great all the way up the neck, and the string tension feels "normal".

    They sure do make this bass sound richer and fuller compared to the mediocre nickel roundwounds that came stock on the bass.

    Detroit Flats are available in light, medium and heavy gauge sets for 4 strings and in medium only for 5 string basses. The 4 string sets are only $16.99. Shipping is $4.00 unless you spend over $50, in which case shipping is free. I ordered these strings online on Saturday and they arrived in my mailbox Monday mid-day, which is pretty darn excellent service.

    Only time will tell how long these will last and how long it takes for them to settle in, but so far I would buy these again, and I would NOT buy the GHS flats again.

  2. Wonder why these strings don't get any TB love? No big brand name on the package? Too good a value?
  3. That's a good question. I have a set of them on an old 4-string Dean ABG beater and they sound nice (I string it BEAD)....very smooth strings.....I'd guess a little high on tension.

    I guess I should consider giving them a run on one of my working basses.

    No complaints...very good price.


    For a visual comparison, here are Sadowsky ss flats on my Corvette $$:

  4. I just installed a set of Webstrings light gauge flatwounds on my Ministar Basstar. I really like their strings and have been using them for many years.The set I ordered recently were missing the D string. I called the company and two days later I received a whole new set free of charge!
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    Anyone else have opinions about the Detroit Flats? They certainly look smooth.
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    for that price, i'm going to order a set today.
  7. @lowendfriend: Anything you can say on the tonal comparison of the Sadowsky and the Detroit Flats? I understand they are on completely different instruments, but do the Detroit Flats lean more in the thumpy (LaBellas) or the growly (Chromes) direction? Thanks.
  8. Their flats might be OK, but trust me, the rounds are HORRIBLE.