Weezer Bassist Missing

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  1. From Audiogalaxy:

    "Something is very wrong in the world of Weezer. Over the weekend Weezer's official website reported that bassist Mikey Welsh might not be able to make it out to LA for rehearsals because of an unspecified medical problem. The band was reportedly auditioning replacement bassists "in case Mikey can't make it." No information was available as to the nature of Welsh's condition except that it's "not a cliche rock-star drug problem!" No Hash Pipe for Mikey.

    That was on the 11th. In the last 24 hours things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. Welsh was supposed to get on a red-eye flight from Boston to LA in order to make a video shoot (the band is shooting a second video for "Island in the Sun," this time with Spike Jonze at the helm), but Welsh never got on the plane. The rest of the band is apparently as in the dark as the rest of us about what exactly is wrong with Welsh, and all of their attempts to track him down have been met with "answering machines or vague answers."

    Hopefully Welsh, who replaced original bassist Matt Sharp after the release of the fan-favorite and commercial flop Pinkerton in 1996, is physically okay and simply doesn't want to be in Weezer anymore. ("Another video for 'Island?' But we already made a video for 'Island.'") In all seriousness, Rivers and the boys are "very concerned and hoping that Mikey is OK," and so are we."
  2. john turner

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    Mar 14, 2000
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    perhaps he's just succumbed to an uncontrollable fit of coughing, and changed bands.
  3. Angus

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    Apr 16, 2000
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    Who knows, maybe he'll be in the Flaming Lips next. Or maybe Motorhead.
  4. ThePaste

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    Dec 23, 2000
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    Seems like Weezer does go through the bassists, how long did they have Matt, couple of years? Then they only had Mikey for a little bit.
  5. EString

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    Nov 20, 2000
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    The Weezer website has an update informing us that Mikey has checked into a psychiatric hospital.
    I hope he's okay.
  6. i hope mikey's ok, but perhaps one of the "replacement" bassists will be matt?:)
  7. foolfighter24

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    Apr 22, 2000
    They had Matt from 92-97 and Mikeys been in since then, and he's not out of the band. They did find a temp. replacement for him though. His name is Scott Shriner, and looks to be a bit of a metal head! Anyone know anything about him?
  8. ColonelZulu

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    Apr 14, 2001
    Didn't one catch fire...like spontaneously combust???
  9. mikemulcahy


    Jun 13, 2000
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    Probably an overdose of pncreatic dornace due to the name of the band. (only medical folks will find this funny because this particular medication was remove because it was killing asthmatics)

  10. purple_haze

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    Jun 29, 2001
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    The song "Hash Pipe" is not about drugs, it's a song about sodomy that River Cuomo wrote for a joke.

    Apparently, he's really peeved that people think it's either about taking drugs or he's a homophobe.