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  1. I was at a local music-centre this afternoon to do some rehearsal with a new band ( which didn't quite work out :( )..

    there was this other bassist there with a 6-string Yamaha, which was nothing special.. but after taking a closer look at the bass i noticed something very cool..

    the bridge on the bass had small rubber pads on the sadle's, where the strings laid upon. the guy told me it increases the low-end, and indeed.. it sounded devine..

    but i forgot to ask what kind of bridge it was :(

    any of you guys perhaps know what kind of bridge this guy smacked on his bass ?
  2. JMX

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    Was it a TRB?

    I think those 'pads' are the piezo pickups.
  3. It was a TRB6II i thinkt ( not the neck-thru ), but it were not Piezo's, just plain round saddle's with a rubber pad on it..
  4. They probably help to preserve the strings life too, Mmm...More lowend do tell.
  5. Slater

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    Apr 17, 2000
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    Were these pads actually rubber, or maybe some other material like graphite? It seems like rubber would deteriorate rapidly with metal strings pressing and vibrating against it. Graphite (or some kind of graphite polymer) just seems to make more sense (to me). It would kind of be like the Graph Tech String Saver saddles made for guitar.

    (AllodoX, the above question is some what rhetorical, as it seems you may not be able to cross paths with the bass in question, or it's owner again. I'm just thinking some other TB members may have some insight...)
  6. Hmm.. might have been graphite..
    i asked the guy " hey.. what are those, is that rubber ? " and he said " yeah, it's plastic pad that keep the strings from shifting, and it makes the bass sound a little heavier too "

    it was a pretty thick bridge too.. not a square block ( spector like ) or an L-shape ( fender like ), but it was more of a trapezoid..
  7. Carvin has that feature on their bridges.
  8. I cant help myself, everytime I see your avitar, I burst out laughing. Almost as cool as oysterman's old one. (the screaming face)