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Weird lacquer pooling on the headstock of my Ric 4003. - Safe to sand?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Vonnegut, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Vonnegut


    Jun 10, 2014
    There's this annoying blemish, which I think is in the lacquer on my headstock. I was told I might be able to gently sand it to remove it, but I'm also not sure if it is indeed the lacquer or maybe a bad spray job of the paint. Or worse yet - it's indicative of some kind of issue.

    It feels pretty smooth smooth to me to be honest though.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2016
  2. Ric does have a 1 year from manufacture warranty on their finishes, with a photo im sure someone can give you some advice.
  3. Vonnegut


    Jun 10, 2014
    I figure I should upload some pics. It's pretty hard to see and you really had to be at he right angle. Not a huge deal honest... But annoying for a 2000+ dollar bass.

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  4. DiabolusInMusic

    DiabolusInMusic Functionless Art is Merely Tolerated Vandalism Supporting Member

    I would see if you still have warranty before I did anything.
  5. Mosstone


    Jun 20, 2009
    Yeah, if it's still under warranty, I'd send that back.
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  6. Vonnegut


    Jun 10, 2014
    It HAS been under a year since I bought it - so I'm pretty sure I still have warranty. I'll talk to the music store I got it from asap!
  7. Coolhandjjl

    Coolhandjjl Supporting Member

    Oct 13, 2010
    All warranty claims are between you and Ric, not the dealer. What's the date of manufacture? It's one year from that regardless of when you bought it. Did you mail in your warranty card when you bought it?
  8. Unless it sat at the shop for 10 months before you buying it, in which case you'll probably be told by Ric that it's not their problem...... even though it is.
  9. Vonnegut


    Jun 10, 2014
    Oh yikes... yeah that is definitely the case actually. It was in the store for probably 6 months before I bought it.

    I wonder if because I work at the music store I bought it from, they might be willing to swing something.
  10. Gilmourisgod


    Jun 23, 2014
    Cape Cod MA
    Even if it is a finish flaw under warranty, you will have to eat shipping cost to CA one way, which sucks, but that's the Ric way on warranty claims. Hard to see in the photos, but you are better off leaving it alone, or having a pro buff it out.
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  11. Coolhandjjl

    Coolhandjjl Supporting Member

    Oct 13, 2010
    Wait- you work there and paid $2000? 4003's run around $1600, and 4003S's around $1400.
  12. Vonnegut


    Jun 10, 2014
    2400 Canadian dollars for a 4003 ;)
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  13. Vonnegut


    Jun 10, 2014
    Hmm.. The bass had it's neck worked on a few months back and it was shipped to the states and back (i'm canadian) without me paying a cent - so maybe that would be the same situation again if they decided they would refinish it?
  14. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Rickenbacker guru.......... Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2006
    Most warranties cover shipping back to the customer, but not the shipping to the manufacturer/ASC. That is pretty standard practice, for the most part.
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  15. Vonnegut


    Jun 10, 2014
    So for the sake of argument, they refuse to do anything for me, what would you guys recommend I do to fix this? I wish I was the kind of person that wouldn't care about stuff like this, because the bass is otherwise great, but I'm unfortunately the type of person that lets these kinds of things bother them immensely.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2016
  16. That's true to a certain extent, however most will allow you to take it to the place of purchase and from there shipping is covered by warranty both ways.
  17. /\/\3phist0

    /\/\3phist0 Life: It's sexually transmitted and always fatal Supporting Member

    From looking at the pics, I'd venture that the finish is lifting, it looks like it started at the string bushing. Sanding it will risk breaking through the top of the bubble and WILL violate your warranty. Someone else here @Wolfenstein666 had a similar issue appear by his bridge.
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  18. This will go five pages, minimum.

    I'm gonna go get a drink.
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  19. This thread reminds me why I like Australia's warranty laws, even if it was sitting in the shop for 2 years here and they advertised a 1 year warranty they would have to take it back in the first year, even if it didn't and it was a manufacturing defect you could probably still force them to do something.
  20. I bought a Cort guitar around 6 years ago. They didn't have one in stock so they ordered it in. We were in the process of moving to a new town 9 hours drive away so the wife picked it up for me and kept it boxed up till Christmas a month or so later. I'd had it for a little while and couldn't get it set up without fret buzz and noticed that it had a dreaded ski jump, although quite minor. When I contacted the importer they simply had me drop it off at a the closest Cort retailer to me for repair. Once they realised what the problem was they sent me a new guitar. I was only out of pocket a few dollars for fuel.

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