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Weird p-pickup issue...

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by scorpionldr, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. So earlier this march, I got a Carvin PB-5 in the mail. Plugged in, sounded great, ok, cool. Just for an idea on the specs, got the Vanquish preamp, and MM humbucker in the bridge. So this Saturday I had a show, and I changed strings Friday for the first time, getting myself ready to be using this new bass for the show.
    I plug in again, I plunk around for a few minutes, and just to fiddle around with tones, I blend to the P-pickup. Played BEA strings, then when I get around to D and G........very faint. Almost like it's not picking up. So I started plugging away at these strings. Nothing. OK.....What's happening. Then this morning, I plug again. I start playing around, I do some pick, then some fingerstyle around the same area....Now the P-pickup is back to life. So what is it? This is making me wonder if I should take it to a shop (I'm no expert, by a longshot....picked up guitar player repair guide tho, hopefully that'll make a difference) or leave it alone.....
  2. Is the P pickup cavity shielded? Or are the pole pieces earthed?

    Because P pickup coils are in series, for one of the coils to still be working, I'd say there might be a short to earth with either the coil or one of the wires.
  3. What Robbie said. Almost certainly a wiring issue in that pickup. Probably an easy fix. One thing that's odd...you say it only affects the D and G. But pictures at Carvin show the P pickup division as BE/ADG. So I would expect a problem with that half of the pickup to affect A as well as D and G. Odd.
  4. Yea I have no clue about wiring/taking apart my gear to begin with.

    The dividing line (if I remember correctly) is exactly in the middle....the two halves overlap, so that's why BEA are picked up....it's weird to me that I just tapped the pickup around the D string and that brought it back to life...it was slightly humming before. Then went to dead quiet once I got both working.

    What do you mean by Earthed? As in are the pole pieces covered? There are no exposed pole pieces on the p, just the MM.

    So if I took the pick guard off, would I have to take off the knobs? Or should they all come up?

    I have no soldering experience.
  5. You may not have to take the pickguard off, depends how long the pickup wires are. You need to remove the pickups. Sounds to me like there is a wiring/possible short to ground on the bottom of the pickup where the wires come out of it. If the + lead from it was shorted to the shielding it would behave as you described.

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