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  1. I recently went over to the darkside and purchased an inexpensive 5 string. I'm a devout 4 banger but needed a 5 for an upcoming project.

    I purchased a new Peavey "Grind 5" NTB. Beautiful bass, killer tone, and a real mystery to boot. When I was playing it at the shop, I got the idea that it was a 35" scale and measured it on the counter to be exactly that...a 35" scale. Later, I saw a Peavey catalog with the same bass but it was advertised as 34" :confused: Then a friend showed me his correspondence with Peavey about the Grind 5 and they adamantly maintain that it's a 34" scale and that Milestone and Cirrus basses are the only ones in 35"!? To add to the mystery, this bass doesn't have a serial number. Hmmm?

    Anybody got a take on this?

    BTW - Neck measures 17½" from witness point on nut to 12th fret. Strings are intonated where the saddles are 35"+ from the nut. I don't know any other way to measure it.
  2. I remember the Accelerator and G-bass 5's were both 35in - peavey seemed keen on extra long scale for their 5's.

    but maybe it's a prototype that mysteriously got through to the shops?
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    Well, if the Grind NTB's I ordered ever come into stock, I'd be happy to measure for you. IF they ever come in...;)
  4. I got an email from Peavey Custom Service and they offer an apology for the confusion. They explained that the 5 string Grind 5's have a 35" scale but the 4's have a 34". Peavey has had the wrong info on their website and in their published literature.

    The serial number thing was explained - numbers on these basses are on a sticker on the headstock and not engraved. That screws me cuz I can't register this instrument without a serial number:(