Well, i changed strings . . .

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  1. And the action was way too low, so much so that strings couldnt be tuned because they were just rattling on the frets

    So, this means i need to turn the truss rod a little (or alot, probably alot) counter clockwise right . . . well, i slackened the strings, i took the truss rod cover off, pulled out an allen key, and it wont turn :crying:

    Any advice ??? :bawl:
  2. well, i tuned it up (well, tightened the strings), and left it in its case for 10 minutes, and its a bit better, i was able to tune it up

    now i just get the lower frets rattling when i play the higher notes ( i think about the 4th or 5th fret was rattling when i played the 12th ), and the action seems hell of a high, im not gonna mess about with it right now, gonna give it a while to settle <panic over>
  3. I have 2 other basses to play about with so its fine for a few days, ill keep checking its in tune every couple hours (bar from when im at work)

    Cheers, ill need help then too!

    I had it setup by a pro about a year ago, and he sorted the action out, so yeah i think its turned before, but this is the fist time ive changed strings on her (the shame of removing 3 year old strings)
    [I put on some standard elites, i think they are a bit beefier than the stock strings that were on it]

    Ive sorted the action on my old 4 string, but after i did that the nut for the truss rod went loose, and i dont really want to fanny about with this without knowing exactly what to do, because its a fair bit more expensive than the 4 string, and the EDA's are no longer made, and they havent been made in that colour for about 4 years, so not something i want to **** the neck on :)

  4. yeah true, ive never personally seen it move (but must assume, you have no idea how badly setup these things are from the factory :p )

    cool, ill need to tune it before work then straight after, its only a 7 hour shift :s