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Well I finally did it, Bought the CXC 1015C4 Eden Combo series.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Dave44, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. I'm very very happy about my new purchase last night, now I can sleep without having to wonder what kind of amp to get myself. With the 10 and 15 in the cab at 8 ohms I just need to buy a 2X10 8 ohm Eden cab and I'll have a 400w stack to be proud of not to mention great sound. Still a lot of work in setting up my sound but ohh the sweet joy of all that experimenting.

    Just want to say thanx to all the people out there that gave me advise and support during my agony of indecision.

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    Great call, Dave! We're all waiting for the definitive review. Congratulations, man!
  3. Dave44

    I had been looking for a good combo as well. I have a GK 200 MB that can drive 200 watts 4 ohms. It is good but the tone shaping qualites are lacking. Yestreday I put a deposit on a CXC 210 just 300 watts. I am shopping around for a 115 now or use my old ampeg 1015 cab but rewire it to 8 ohm.

    I think that CXC are good buy even though the pre-amp is a FET. The way I see it you could take a WT-300 or 400 later and put the guts in the or maybe just the faceplate.

    BTW. I think Eden is much a better sounding combo (maybe not volume wise) compared to the Redhead even the CXC series e -- what more compared to the Metro. I work in the CPU industry (with a lot of geeks around) and I have a friend who was able to model the redhead schematics versus the Eden schematics in software plus the CAB configuration and his conclusion was that in the pre-amp section, the eden design is much more intelligent and ultimately has more headroom ratio in the poweramp

    Good luck on the purchase.
  4. I'm extremely happy with my purchase of this combo series. I've had nothing but compliments from fellow musicians, the audience as well as my finicky guitarist. All have said wondrous things about my tone and volume. I need to buy a 2X10 cab for her and she'll be complete. 400 watts of pure sound, as you can tell I'm a happy picker.
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