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Well im leaving TB...

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by kirbywrx, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. kirbywrx

    kirbywrx formerly James Hetfield

    Jul 27, 2000
    Melbourne, Australia.
    haha, phsyced (sp?) out.

    Hey all. long time since my last post isnt it. and thats the problem.

    over the last few months ive somewhat matured as a person, and in doing so ive realised that i dont want to make a career in bass playing. i do want to have a career in the music industry though. thats why i plan to go to TAFE (australian version of college) and get my advanced diploma of audio production. that way, i can still be a part of music, and have a creative influence on the way an entire song sounds, and not just the low end. however, pro audio is extremley complex, and i have been devoting all of my time to working to get recording software, decent sound card, mixer ect and that hasnt left much time for me to play bass.

    im not giving up bass playing, i just no longer have the time to be 110% committed like i used to be. for a long time i felt like i was stuck in a rut with my bass playing, but the truth was i just wasnt progressing. at the moment as a bass player, i am able to quickly learn a solid groove, and stick to it while still making myself heard. in alot of people opinions thats what a bass player does- and thats the same for my opinion. i am currently at the point in my bass playing life where i see no need to progress. that may sound alot rougher that its intended, but its the truth. im still twanging on my good old Yamaha now and then, im just not sitting down and frantically practising my Dom 7th and Min 5th chords, scales ect.

    so, now we get to TB. my heart no longer sits in playing the bass. it sits in recording the bass, and making the bass. some of you may not know, but in my final year of secondary college i made my own 4 string bass. came up a ripper, and i love it. im extremley proud of it. i feel that since i am no longer in love with bass playing and my time is being taken up by ill-prioritised activities, i will not be able to be a super mod or even a mod at all. im, not leaving TB, im just making sure that everyone knows that i will no longer be the TB regular that i was 12-18 months ago.

    sorry for the rant- it was written completley on impulse and therfore it may make no sence.

    in conclusion, i just want to thank everyone who has ever emailed me, PM'ed me or asked for advice. in seeking out their answers, their requests made me a better person. and thank you for all the old geezers here that answerd all my PMs and pointless threds about requrring topics.i came to TB in year 8 of high school, and when i was 13. i have just finished year 12 (my final high school year) and i turned 18 in september and if it wasnt for TB getting sliced into my life somewhere along the way, i wouldnt know how to tune an instrument.

    each one of you has slightly affected my musical life, and therefore, my entire life. without TB i wouldnt have stuck to my bass playing, i wouldnt know what a truss rod is, and i wouldnt know how to slap. and i sure as hell wouldnt know who primus are. i also couldnt have made my 4 string, and i wouldnt have even attempted to de-fret my old 5-er.

    i thank paul for this shrine of knowledge, JT, embellisher, freaky fender, john davis, pacman, hategear, smash, nick gann, jazzbo (i still havent gotten through that intro to theory), JMX and all the other mods/super mods for keeping the peace here, and not letting it turn into guitar.com or tabcrawler. and a special thanks goes to noduanne who has helped me out with so many cr*p attacks and nit-picking in the amps forums over the last 2ish years.

    and a special shout to all me fellow aussie TB'ers even if they dont reside here anymore. bassman_spike, merlin, petebass, mark latimour and all the other aussies i forget. but at the end of the day, you all helped me to get me where i am today

    if anyone ever wants to get in contact with me about how i defretted my bass or made my first 4 string, feel free to email me at onverted_inline@hotmail.com, or add me to MSN with the same adress.

    but for now, its time for this old geezer to go analyse some more music, and play some tallica on his p-bass clone.

    thanks kids!

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  2. Marlat


    Sep 17, 2002
    London UK
    Thanks for the post Kirby - sad to see you going mate, but best of luck with the TAFE course and thanks for your contribution to TB!

    Rawk On Dude! \M/
  3. Petebass


    Dec 22, 2002
    QLD Australia
    Dude I think you're making a big mistake. Some of the guys on TB know an absolute boatload about the very think you're about to go and study. I should know - I'm the Mod for the recording gear and Equip forum. There's some serious talent and some big brains in that forum - and that's not even taking into account the guys who are experts on live audio production, something which I know for a fact will come up in your course.

    And when you inevietably overtake them, you can share your knowledge with the people who want to learn more.

    Therefore we do not accept your resignation and expect to see you back here for roll-call ASAP!

    Just in case, I'm going to email you as well!
  4. Cool of you to post Kirby...

    Will be living in melbourne by the end of feburary so we will have to go the music shop (finally!!!)

    Catchya round.....on msn i guess
  5. Way to go Kirby, never to late to regroup and mount another attack!

    And I see it's not a minute too soon that you've got to get that career on track. Those basses need strings,
  6. Good on ya, mate!! This is EXACTLY what I am doing right now. Our name for is is Recording Arts, but it's the same idea. If you want help with anything, including test answers :)D) gimme a jingle. Maybe we'll see each other in a studio one day!! Good luck to ya.

    Rock on

  7. I'm just happy cuz you said my name... :D

    Best of luck to you Kirb. I know that things WILL work out for you. Good luck in your future at college! Can you say "Cup O' Noodles"?