Well That Was Easy - Hipshot Bridge on Yamaha TRBX174EW

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  1. Chubby Fingers

    Chubby Fingers

    Jun 23, 2020
    Hipshot brass A-style bridge mount to Yamaha TRBX174EW. I got mine on Amazon for 80 bucks, and yes, it's brass not aluminum - you can tell by the weight.

    Yamaha bridge (chromed pressed steel) uses five screws to hold it down, Hipshot uses just three screws and the middle and two outer ones for the original Yamaha bridged lined up - no extra drilling :woot:

    Next up it's the tuning engines but they're still in a big brown truck somewhere in Nevada...

    As an aside I think you can see where the money got saved on manufacturing this one (apart from it being made in Indonesia, of course) - router-cut pickup holes.

    New Hipshot Bridge.png