Well this was a slight kick to the groin

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    **Y'argh, there be rants ahead!!**

    My main original act has been on hiatus since mid April due to our drummer being picked up by a nationally touring group. His contract was set to last only three to four months as a sort of trial run but would be extended if everyone was cool with the arrangement. The rest of the guys and I figured our drummer would be brought on full time by the other band since he's a very talented and likeable guy, so we decided to go ahead and begin looking for a new drummer sometime this summer.

    Several months have passed since that decision was made and nothing has been done to find a new drummer or to continue the band. This really didn't surprise me as our guitarist has another active group that's doing well, and it seemed obvious (to me at least) that he'd put his eggs into that basket. That said, no official word ever came from him that this was the case or that our group had seen its end.

    So I signed into Facebook this evening after getting back from vacation only to discover that our guitarist had issued to delete our band's Facebook page. He never said anything to me (or our singer from what I'm aware of) about doing this or mentioned anything about the band being officially over. Fortunately, Facebook has a window period where potential deletions of pages can be cancelled/reversed, and since I'm an admin I went ahead and stopped it from happening.

    Personally, I'm both hurt and a bit ticked off about this action from him. For one, it's a pretty crappy and uncaring way to say the band is over. Two, had there not been a cancellation period he would have instantly deleted a huge and personally valuable collection of pictures, videos, art, and memories from gigs that our band played; not to mention some pretty decent promotional materials we can all use to help us land spots in future bands. Finally, he just simply never even asked us if it was cool to delete it, and that just seems wrong.

    It's just a lame situation to be put in for no reason.
  2. That is a bit off, sorry to hear it happened to you.

    Be thankful you were able to salvage the memories. One cover band I worked for had a swag of stuff, and when they cut me from the team, they removed my access and I instantly lost a lot of pics and contacts. Crappy way to end things, I feel your pain.

    Good luck getting another group up. :)
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    Jan 13, 2008
    Tampa, FL.
    Thanks, man :) I've had several offers already thrown my way for the fall so I'll definitely stay busy. It's just a shame. Here's the last the we recorded as a group. It's a bit old now and I've shared it before, but it's something I'm very proud of:

  4. I hope you unfriended him.
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    Sorry jmatt. I gathered you really enjoyed your stint with this line up.
    You guys did some nice work, its a shame when the wheels come off...
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    Yep, that's pretty unprofessional. Sorry to hear.
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    Man, that's worse than being canned by phone or email.
    Sorry to hear about that.
    Might want to migrate your stuff off of that site.
  9. Reminds me a bit of the Sex And The City episode where the guy broke up with what's her face on a Post-It note. Not cool.
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    As your rant clearly indicates, there is no such thing as a slight kick in the balls.

    Even a lightweight attempt hurts.

    Just take a page from the skaters and walk it off, then jump right back on and go again.

    You've experienced the most fundamental rule of bands, nothing ever lasts, it just hurts more when a good one goes down the drain.

    Doing well (and quickly) is the ultimate revenge on backstabbing clowns who lack the character to be honest with their band mates.

    Best of luck moving forward.
  11. WORD: If you want to keep the old band FB page up - quickly remove the gui**** as admin too (maybe even make yourself the only Admin).

    Anyway, yeah that’s a bummer - but, at least now for sure you know the band is over so you can move on. IMHO, the quicker you can let it go the easier it will be to move on.

    Good luck, and best wishes bass bro.
  12. Remove him from the band and replace him. Change the password to the band fb page.
  13. jmattbassplaya

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    Jan 13, 2008
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    Thought about it :D

    I talked to my singer this morning and he didn't know what was going on, either. He's going to call our guitarist sometime today to figure out what the deal is. Again, I'm not that upset about the band being done, as I've been expecting it for awhile; I'm just frustrated the guitarist did it in a way that showed no respect towards anyone else.
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    Your guitarist is a complete douche, good riddance. Unfortunately, it looks like your band has broken up. Collect the singer if it's worthwhile and build anew, or look for an established act seeking a bass player.
  15. IMO your singer has more talent in his nostril hairs than your guitarist does in his whole anything.
    Cool stuff. Kinda 'Porcupine Tree-y.'
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    Jackass guitarist is a jackass.

    Also, I'd suggest that if all that media is important to you, find a way to download it to offline storage. Trusting Facebook to be your online storage facility is like trusting Keith Richards to watch your heroin: you know your ****'s going to disappear at some point, it's just a matter of when, and they'll act like it's not their fault.
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    Nothing posted to facebook has ever dissapeared, you may not be able to find it, but they still have it squirreled away somewhere on their servers for data mining purposes.
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    Thank you for that informative bit of trivia. It doesn't help the OP in any way. But who cares about that? Right? :eyebrow:

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    Too bad. That sounds great and is super original stuff. Very likely a big market for that.
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    +1. That singer is awesome.