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went to lunch bought a boss syb-3

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by nate 0 jt, Jun 11, 2001.

  1. I know this is kinda a rip off of the guy that bought a cirrus 6 at lunch, but quite litterally i did buy a boss bass synth while getting lunch. I went to the store looking for an envelope follower, they didnt have one. I figured i should try out the bass synth for S and G's, I really liked it. All six of the knobs had its own little purpose that effected the sound which is something that really inticed me(the infinate amount of settings possible.). I played on it for about an hour at the shop and it grew on me. Some of the settings are so far out that i couldnt imagine using them in my band, but the beauty of it all is that you can tweak the sound around to fit your tastes. I especially like the T-wah sounds. I believe that this was a good purchase, hopefully the thing doesnt go breaking on me or nothing.

    To all you fellow SYB-3 owners/users- Do you have any tips, techniques, favorite settings, or anything to get me familiar with the inner workings of the pedal to offer me? All will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

    Nate M
  2. Sure. Get used to the hold function. As soon as you play a note that gets tracked, you push down on the pedal to hold the synth note. But don't start playing again until the light flashes. After an hour of playing, you'll have the timing down. We play Pure energy from Information Society, and I hold a synth note on top of following the bass drum w/ a Low D. It's the cat's ass.

    Internal sound #6 is a good one...approximates an octave pedal if set right. I'll explain everything in reference to a clock face. Effect sound at 3 Origional signal at 5. Freq at 9 Res at 8. Delay at Max.

    I use #6 set at various Freq/Res/Delay for a good amount of stuff. #4, then #7 are my favs on the internal sounds. Keep that damn Res down for the internal sounds...It'll shatter your ears if you have it at or above 12. Freq tends to always work well at about 9-11.

    I don't like the W shaper. Can get a good distortion out of it...but that's what my ODB-3 is for. I just haven't figured out a perfect way to use it yet. I prefer #9 over #8.

    But the real thing that I use 80% of the time that I use it is the Twah. Just adjust the Freq and Res until you get that good funky $%!%@ sound baby. #10 is prefered. Easier to get a good sound out of it. The Twah has convinced one of the guitarists to start looking for a Twah boss pedal.

    The other guitarist wants a SYB-3 for himself now. Loves the synth sounds. Plus it sounds cool plugged into a cheap little keyboard and played through my old TKO 115.

    Also, play around w/ settings on your bass in order to get the tracking correct. And don't even try to slap when playing w/ 1-7. Dying Goat noises never sound good on stage.. But....8-11 can handle anything. I've got a couple riffs that I play w/ the Twah and chorus after it. Slap/pluck stuff. Neat pedal, gave me lots of good ideas. Versatile little thing.

    Good luck w/ the silver flake little dude.
  3. FOE_Bass

    FOE_Bass Guest

    Jun 29, 2000
    Grass Valley, CA
    Whenever I go to Guitar Center and play one, I can never get any sound to come out. The red LED is always blinking and I can't turn it off. How do I fix this?
  4. needs batteries
  5. Moonraker


    Mar 7, 2001
    I really want one of these but they are so pricey. Is the built in T wah the same as the separate T wah/Auto wah that boss made? If so I suppose it is no point buying a separate wah or envelope filter if the syb 3 has a built in one. Has anyone used one of these with a crybaby bass wah pedal?
  6. i've wanted a syb-3 for ages but at over $200 here i'm still window shopping....oh the woes of student life.
  7. i'll have a look there , but it'll be US $ so i gotta double it for australian......oh well the prices we pay for the things we want huh.......

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