Went to Sam Ash store here today and it had almost no inventory in several departments

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  1. SAM ASH in Madison, TN (just north of Nashville about 10 miles). Maybe 20 basses hanging on the wall. A few more guitars but nothing like two years ago. They were even low on violins, cellos, etc. And the employees were not whose been there for many years. Several of the employees in the bass department had been traveling bass players for about 15 - 20 years but just didn't want to travel any more. They were very knowledgeable. Today the only person in the bass department was a kid.
    I went to look for IEM items in the PA department and two kids were there. The room just had an 'empty' feel to it. All they could do was order online for me. I've been doing that all along. Small things for sale but nothing big and no names you'd heard of.
    Same in the bass department. Only bass amps were practice combos, and the size of a toaster. They did have a good selection of strings, but I didn't need any. I didn't see any used anything.
    Any other Sam Ash stores around the country looking like this one?