Went to the Blink 182 concert last night!

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  1. All i can say is....WOW! I've never been blown away this much by a concert before. This is the best concert I've ever been to! Heres my review of the show. What was really cool was there are few sections to the place we where at, the pit and front seat section, then middle seat section, and the lawn section (grass). About every teenboppin trl lovin' girl was way up in the front, and all the cool people were in the back in the lawn.

    7:30: A basically unknown band, called Midtown, opened up. These guys are pure punk rock, and some of their songs hand an emo kinda feel, sorta. These guys couldnt of been but in their early 20s. These guys gave it their all, and I tip my hat to them. I thought they were very awesome. They got little/no crowd appreciation from all the teenboppers and preps that were there (and surprisingly there wasnt many), but they did cause the biggest mosh pit to happen the whole night, which got so bad they had security up there. These guys sounded just as good live as their studio album, which i think is awesome. They even covered some old rock songs for the heck of it (like they opened on playing the intro to Sweet Child of Mine, later on the played Quiet Riot's "come on feel the noise" and the closed off playing the end to "god gave rock and roll." Their bass player sang lead on most of their songs.

    8:40: New Found Glory takes the stage, and I was really impressed. I've only heard like 2 of their songs before I went to the concert, so this would be the first time to actually hear alot of their stuff. They were great, and their bassist (whos name slips me at the moment) was really great. He had some really nice P-basses. The vocalist from New Found Glory was making fun of all the teenboppers that were sitting down in front during their set, he was like "What is this? A Fxcking movie? Stand up damm!t, this is a rock show!" They had a well rounded set, which was very good.

    Then after their set, and about 25 minutes of waiting..

    10:00 (i think): Blink 182 hits the stage! When the curtains in front pulled back, in HUGE flaming letters, the word FXCK was at the top of the stage (except the X wasnt there, it was the U), easily gathering everyone's attention. They opened up with Rock Show, which I was kinda glag they did so they could get over with the song cause i was gettin kinda sick of it. What was cool was during many of their songs they had ALOT of pyrotechnics, with flames spouting everywhere. They did proceeded to play Dumpweed, and then Mark finally spoke up, "This one is for you old fans" and they played M&Ms! I totally did not expect that. Hardly anyone except for a select few even knew that song! Everyone in my area was totally getting into it, and were jumpin around and everything. Heck, I jumped around on every song except for a few. Tom and Mark still had their awesome stage presence and had alot of jokes (which i thought they were funny). Travis even talked for a few minutes, and Mark was swearing up and down that this was the first concert ever where Travis talked. Mark even spit in Tom's face, which was friggin hilarious. There is alot of stuff that happened at the concert that is probably too bad to post on here.

    This is what really got all the punk's attention...Tom just grabs the mic and says "Ok, this one goes out the true punks out here", and they played a Descendants song! The name of the song slips me at the moment, but it starts off with a power chord rung out for like 10 seconds, and its definatly not longer than 2 minutes.

    Mark only played on his pink bass, and i could of sworn he was playing a Candy Apple Red colored bass, but it could of just been the lighting on his pink bass, i dunno. Tom played on his white strat, his surf green strat, his yellow strat, and his black strat. He smashed his white strat at the very end.

    The crowd in the back was totally into the songs and Mark kept pointing that out during the show, like whenever they played an old song he was like "this one goes out to the punks in the back"

    Later on during the concert and after pits and such, Mark said "Sh!t, this is easily the best concert we've played at all tour"

    Yes, mark did sit down while playing the intro of carousel, and yes, they did close with dammit. What really surprised me was that there was no encore at all, they just played the entire set through. During dammit the hugest mosh pits ensued, and I jumped in for a bit, which was the only song i moshed to the whole concert.

    The only bad parts about the concert was:

    A. the only song they played off the dude ranch cd was Dammit

    B. I puked before and after the concert (car sick)

    C. I accidently grabbed the wrong shirt, and left with a small sized concert shirt.

    Even my friend Paul who went with me said "this easily the 2nd best concert ive ever been to" and hes seen about every band under the sun live.

    This was the best night of my life, well maybe not, but its still the best concert ive ever been to.
  2. Rock on man! I'm glad you had a killer time. I sure wish I could have been there.:(
  3. That sounded great! I wish I would've been there to see Travis talking. :p i've only heard his voice a few times... and it doesn't sound like you would expect it to.
    Ive never seen blink live before, but judging by the review, it's an afternoon well spent. BTW how much were the tickets?
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    Jul 25, 2001
    Indianapolis, IN
    i went to the blink concert in indy. It was the a tossup for the best concert of the summer. Its either blink or warped. Yea travis didn't say a word at the show i went to, but the drumer riser thing that walked around was real cool. Tom smashed his guitar at the show i went to too. I think since hes sponsered hes gonna take advantage of that. NFG looked like they had a new bassist on the stop i went to so it was weird, dunno though, it was sum big fat asian looking dude.
  5. Ahhhhh yes, the sign of a true artist! :D ;)
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    Jul 28, 2001
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    blink 182 puts on a great show....i went 2 their concert in west palm beach last week and it was great...at the show i went 2 mark came out during NFG's set and played sincerely me with them. great concert with 2 of my favorite bands :)
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    Jan 19, 2000
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    i bet you the guitar tom smashed in the end was his signature (mim), because... in the interviews i've read of him, he's had much respect for a fine guitar (i.e. fender custom shop), and because even if fender can give you free custom shop guitars, they're also able to cut the deal because you keep smashing 3 grand a night.

  8. $25.00, and i definatly got my 25 bucks worth
  9. dude, you didn't tell me midtown was playing! i like those guys.

  10. heck dude, i didnt even know they were playing until we got there and over the loudspeaker they were like "Midtown playing at 7:30", and i was like "hmm, i didn't know that!" But i really liked their songs. I was gonna buy their cd, but at the end of the concert they took down their booth, and all was left was Blink 182 and NFG stuff.
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    Jun 15, 2001
    great review dude. I cant wait till I finally get a chance to see them.
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    Aug 12, 2000
    you mean blink did'nt suck? when i say them last summer they sucked. well i'm glad you had fun cuz when they played with a true punk band ,Bad Religion, they sounded like sh*t but i guess they learned a few lessions. glad you had fun i now wanna see them live again
  13. Cantstandsya


    Jul 27, 2001
    Fontana, CA
    Travis talking? How about Travis singing! I used to play bass in a band (Feeble) with Travis . We had this song called "Your'e a ******", where we would all switch instruments and Travis would sing. The lyrics were basically Travis taking turns bagging on everyone in the band including himself. Kind of sounds like Mark and Toms sense of humor except Travis was only 20 years old. I think he has grown up a little since then.
  14. Captain Awesome

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    Apr 2, 2001
    Made any recordings?
  15. Cantstandsya


    Jul 27, 2001
    Fontana, CA
    Yeah, One 5 song(4 originals,one Dag Nasty cover) tape called "All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go".Been talking with him about getting someone to release it. Hope it happens.
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    Jul 12, 2001
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    You were in a band with Travis!?!?!?!???? KICK@$$!

    I've never seen Blink 182 live but I might really soon. I've never heard of Travis talking either but maybe he will when they come here.
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    Apr 22, 2000
    Midtown rocks! You can find that record anywhere that would carry Drive Thru Records. I ran across mine at Best Buy. I hope I can see them on maybe a different bill. But I really like these guys...they actually sent me an email once. Very nice people and a great record. :cool:
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    Aug 9, 2001
    Blink 182 puts on a good show if you think large male genitalia being thrown around the area is entertainment. I have no respect for Blink 182, the only reason i went was that Bad Religion was "opening" for them. (They say they were occupying the middle spot). Blink has no right to call themselves punk. I left after 10 minutes of thier crap. All the band did was talk about masterbation and their penises, and that was the first 10 minutes!

  19. whats their email address? I'd love to send those guys a email of appreciation or something.
  20. foolfighter24

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    Apr 22, 2000
    jr, the address is: [email protected]

    Rob and I have written back and forth a couple times. He seemed interested in how I found out about them(I was watching bloopers from the X-Games and I heard them and Drive Thru label mates RX Bandits-cool band!)

    Just really great guys in a great band.