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  1. rossco

    rossco Unregistered

    Mar 8, 2003

    Thanks for all the help in setting up the on-line shop.

    What can I say.....WE'RE OPEN!!!


    Thanks again


  2. Wow dude!

    Avatar Speakers...watch out.

    say...how much would a 2x10 be? loaded w/ eminance(sp?)

    what about a 112?

    thanks man...

    nice site btw...

  3. rossco

    rossco Unregistered

    Mar 8, 2003
    Really depends on what you want to load it with........a pair of Alpha 10's would give you a nice 300w cab and if you went for something like this


    it would work out at around £220 which probably makes me very expensive in the States.......but the cab would be custom built to your exact specs and we would spend a fair amount of time discussing the sound you wanted before we even cut the wood.

    A single 12?........well again it depends on what you wanted.........could do a monster 12 knocking out 500w and an Fb of around 37Hz......that would be around £330..........or I could do a 12 knocking out half that and lacking a little bottom for the same as the 2x10........and of course there are loads of combinations in between.

    All the best

  4. Damn...sounds like some major watts coming out them boxes;)

    I like the classic wood design and the grill goes well with it.

    Good luck on your business!

    Seems to be some might nice products you got here!:cool: