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Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Smilinsteve, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Smilinsteve


    May 13, 2007

    Hey Everybody....

    I'm new here....I'm a blues bassplayer
    from Massachusetts.

    Ive been playing since 1969, when I bought
    my first Edgmond bass for $65 from a pawn
    shop in Natick Centre. Played in rock bands
    till I graduated then swore off of classic rock
    for blues and jazz.

    Played with many blues bands, and warmed
    up for some greats....its been awesome. I have a
    '74 P bass.....natural ash finish and a maple neck....
    white pick guard. Its set up sweet...no clicks...
    and just easy to play for my long fingers.

    After gettin' sick of carrying around heavy weight,
    Ive opted for a SWR Workingmans amp....and I
    go direct if I need more volume. (rarely) I had
    such bad luck with blowing (twice) :confused:
    motherboards with my GK 700RB head.....I was
    surprised to have such bad luck with such a
    great product. I was using a SWR Triad cab
    at the time.

    I teach about 10 students a week, (after I come
    home from painting for 31 years...)....I've got my
    own system and teach guitar and bass. I'm
    enthusiastic, and love to watch my students grow.
    My students learn music theory, learn to play the
    major scale on the whole neck...arpeggios, modes,
    all the intervals, left and right hand use
    and optimization.....playing in position.... and how to
    solo and be tasty finding their own "signature sound"
    blending scales. Most of all I try to infuse my
    enthusiasm for music and practicing....I love the
    bass and try to spread it around best I can. :hyper:

    The one thing I also try to instill is getting my
    students to not practice things faster than
    they can do it perfectly. I see most kids doing
    things wrong for a long while, getting it right
    at the end....and stopping, instead of slowing
    down, getting it right in the beginning, and
    practicing it correctly for the whole time,
    speeding up slowly. It's like in the gym when
    you see everybody using really improper and
    dangerous form lifting weight thats too heavy.....
    really destructive in the end. :rollno:

    I think one of the most influencial moments in
    my learning came to me when I heard Jaco talk
    on his Electric Bass Video about learning the
    melody to every song that one learns the
    bassline to.....So....eye opening and life
    changing. After months of regret and thoughts
    about it....it was what I needed to hear..
    All I ever did was play the major and minor
    pentatonics till then.....Then I put my nose
    the the grindstone.

    A DJ that liked a band I was in nicknamed
    me Smilinsteve, and it stuck. Now its my
    email and my pretty much my name all
    around. So....Its a pleasure finding this
    forum and its been fun reading all the
    posts. Thanks! :bassist:

  2. RWP


    Jul 1, 2006
    Welcome to the ZOO. :)
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