Whammy and HM power question

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  1. So on my board I have a digitech whammy and a digitech Harmony Man. I do not yet have a power supply for the board and am still using wall warts. The Whammy is labeled 9v AC 1.3a and the HM is 9v AC 1300ma. Isn't that the same thing? why are both units and their respective power supplies labeled differently, if so? Can't I just get a 9v AC power supply with at least 2600ma and daisy chain them?
  2. Theoretically, yes.
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    1.3 A is the same thing as 1300 mA, yes. Labels are created by low-paid graphics interns who have no technical knowledge outside of the copier machine, and who rarely speak much of the language written on the label. You might be able to daisy chain them effectively, but I've had only bad experiences when digital pedals share a common ground, so I'd be doubtful. Bad experiences = noise and hum, not bang and smoke. :)
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    I'd assume that you would get some nice hum if you daisy chained these pedals together.

    You can however use a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power AC to power both of these pedals, but that might be a bit expensive.
  5. well the transformer couldn't cost that much so I guess its worth a try. Are digitech jacks standard size?