what a difference some strings make

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  1. recently i replaced the strings on my mtd beast, wow what a difference. i got some ghs boomers, loved the sounds, that fresh brightness, and they still sound good, nice and even throughout, and the highs aren't harsh like they used to be. however i can already hear the strings mellowing more than i want to, they are ok now, but what can i do to keep myself from buying a new set of strings every month or what not?? i know elixers last a LONG time, but i also heard they are definately mellower. any ideas on a long lasting string that stays pretty bright??
  2. almost any stainless steel set.
  3. try some DR Lo riders
  4. Mario Lewis

    Mario Lewis

    Jul 6, 2001
    Clinton, MD
    Wearing out strings is a fact of life. Elixirs have this funky coating that keeps them sounding fresh. Mine have been on for almost four months now. And they sound just as fresh as the new ones I just put on my other bass last night.

    They're pricey ($50.00 a set.) but worth it if you're playing a lot and on a budget.