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What about DP Custom ?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by David-Adler, May 16, 2001.

  1. David-Adler


    Feb 28, 2001
    Bonn, Germany
    Hey everybody,

    just noticed that no-one is posting about DP Custom Basses anymore, and one of us should have his bass already ? So hows the news ? Is he so amazed or so shocked that he can´t post anymore ?

    Thanks for the Info,

  2. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    No, David, he's so doggone busy. Dave and I have been in contact every couple of days to finalize my picky spec's. I think much of what free time he has is when everything is in clamps waiting for glue to dry.

    I think what also eats up his time, is that some customers have ordered a bass, but they haven't finished their homework on their spec's. Consequently, they change the game after work has already started. :rolleyes:
  3. well i fixed that problem, I drove 8(!!) hours to see him. I dont regret it, i got more done in that 2 hours than most people do in two months over the internet. I also found him to be very helpful when down there. He showed me around his shop and he let me see the woods i wanted. we sat down and worked out every detail and i didnt leave till i was completely satisfied with all my choices. I just got the proposal drawing and it checked out alright and i am anxious to get some more pick to see how my bass is coming along. i highly recommend him, but wait a little bit so he can finish mine!!
  4. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
  5. umm, uhh, umm....

    Geez Luis, I don't think there's much I can say except......WOW!

    If that thing sounds as good as it looks (like I have any doubts about that!) you'll have a real winner on your hands! Just a quick question, why did you choose the woods you did? Also, what kind of music do you play primarily?
  6. Avs


    Feb 19, 2001
    Taipei, Taiwan
    I've contacted Dave a couple of times, ask questions, and even send him a speadsheet of specs. He's helpful and replies email in a timely manner. I'm going to send him downpayment and let my bass going.

    For the specs I have, his price is very good. So I jump into it even I need to pay incredible shipping/tax. (I live in Taiwan)

    Here is my specs:

    A 4-string 34" fretless.
    DP headstock shape (headstock2)
    Walnut top, matching with body
    Pau Ferro truss rod cover
    Standard "D.P. Custom Bass" logo inlay, with "Master
    Will" inlay on truss rod cover
    Gold diecast standard tuners
    Standard graphite nut, standard width
    Three-piece Maple neck
    Oval neck profile
    Satin neck finish
    Ebony fingerboard
    24 brown epoxy position line
    Standard side dot
    Mahogany body/Walnut top
    Body shape (photo)
    Tung oil finish
    2 Bartolini 3-coil humbuckers
    Passive control
    Gold HipShot Bridge
    Pau Ferro knobs
    Gold strap button
    Mahogany control plate
    Flatwound string
    two switches for coil selection
  7. Basswou


    Apr 15, 2001
    If I may ask you ... howmuch $$ are we talking about ?

    And how do you ship it to taiwan ? UPS ?
  8. Luis Fabara

    Luis Fabara

    Aug 13, 2000
    Ecuador (South America)
    Audio Pro - Ecuador
    I selected Mahogany as the 50% of Body for its warmth and melodic sound, low midrange.
    Wenge Neck adds tight lows and highs because its neck trough it has a big effect on the tone.
    Zebrawood 40% of Body (TOP) because of its density.. has tight lows lots of highs and a little high midrange.
    PauFerro because its warm as Rosewood but a little brighter...

    So go figure... At least this is what I think.. I could be wrong but I hope I made the right decisions.

    I play Progressive Metal primarily, but I like many kinds of music.
    I do a lot of Slapping/Tapping too.
  9. Sounds like a very well thought out bass Luis. I keep going back to look at the pictures you have up... The bass looks absolutely wonderful. I was going to go with a zebrawood top, but I decided against it mainly for aesthetic reasons. I think it looks great, but I'm going to go for a quilted maple top with a finish really similar to Spector's black cherry finish. Of course, I won't get to give Dave the go-ahead to build until around Xmas time, but I've got the specs basically frozen (except for the pickups).

    Your bass seems fairly similar to what I'm trying to do with mine, except I think you may be focusing a bit more on warmth than me. I'm basically trying to get a good mix between brightness and growl with plenty of low end. I think I've done a pretty good job of that, but I won't know until I've got the bass in my hands, heh.

    Back to the main point of the thread, are there any others out there contemplating a Pushic bass? Speak up!
  10. If I get the job I want this summer (I have a decent amount saved up already.. but this job would give me a lot of spending money) I may very well be contacting Mr. Pushic. :)
  11. KB

    KB Supporting Member

    Jan 13, 2000
    Chapel Hill, NC
    I would like to get one later this year or early next year. I only live about 2.5 hours away (I live in NC) so I may make a trip to see him this fall and discuss exactly what I would want. I am considering a 5 string (I have only played 4's up to now), so I want it to be right (need to figure out woods, pups, electronics, etc.-ahhhhh too many choices). Plus I need to save up some money.

  12. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Shoot, Kirk, those are the "glamour" or "fun" aspects. The stuff like pickup aperture, pot impedance, fretwire, string spacing, blah blah, is almost like.........WORK!
  13. Ill scan my drawing that I want for my bass in a few minutes. It is kinda modeled after a Fodera, but I think it is different enough to work.
  14. Here it is, my drawing for my custom 6, wont be ready for awhile though :(
    complete with a 3 band EQ, quilted maple top, 2 3-way toggles for each pup (single coil, series, parallel) active passive switch, vol for poth pups and piezo. Pups will be Bartolini triple coils.
  15. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    That's a tiny body, tallguy; won't it look silly on a, er, tall guy, like you? Not that looks should matter at all...
  16. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Oyster - Maybe he's been looking at too many Spectors. ;)
  17. Yeha, I tohught the body looked a bit small, I didn't mean it too, that was just something I came up with in Trig the other day. Plus I have no common sense, so I can't really picture how it would be if it was actually made, but yeah, Ill look into supersizing the body
  18. CodeCOMPLETE


    Feb 12, 2001
    Tuesday is the day the Down payment goes out

    Here is a pic, This is a 3D model I did in 3D Studio Max, It's not done yet, but will be soon

    It's a design I feel most comfortable with and I looks alot like some of my Fave basses

  19. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    tall - I hope you know were just yanking your chain. I can't draw a straight line.

    What I'll probably end up doing is printing off one of Dave's body styles and mark it up with a felt tip pen. :rolleyes: I'm old school and maintain that big bodies have better natural sound...if all a decent sized person can handle is one of those things that are just pickups with a little wood attached, (like Warriors), go play a g+++++r, wimp! ;)
  20. I just sent him my down payment 2 days ago.

    here is my specs.

    5 string
    35" scale
    no inlays (side markers only)
    black schaller M4 tuners
    black schaller wide spaced bridge
    bartolini quad coil pickups
    neck pup # 1 config.
    bridge pup # 6 config.
    2 band EQ preamp
    wood knobs
    5 piece neck (maple/thin walnut/maple/ thin walnut/maple)
    dual carbon fiber reiforcement
    fretboard wood chosen by dave p
    standard body, full zebrawood top over ash
    standard headstock (slightly modified)
    tung oil finish

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