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  1. Joris and Europeans,

    What do you know about RCF drivers, quality, price, availability in the USA?
  2. I guess you're informing about their raw drivers. Unfortunately, there's nothing to be found on the web about them. RCF doesn't seem to be focusing on sales of raw drivers at all, but rather supply replacement parts. I've been able to locate an importer here in Holland from whom I obtain them directly, being a professional.

    I think their quality matches up to brands like EV, Celestion and JBL (probably). They sure as hell beat the midrange bass cab drivers (like Peavey, Trace Elliot, Hartke, Fender, Crate and the like)
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  4. Thanks. I've been running some of the RCF numbers and they look interesting for bass drivers.
  5. RCF makes some fine drivers. All of EAW's concert series stuff is loaded with RCF (cone) speakers (EAW is one of the heavyweights in the PA business). The 18s kick ass. I like them considerably better than the JBL's 18s. I'm not sure who actually distributes RCF in North America, but I'm guessing that anyone who has access to Mackie can get RCF now though:D. We get replacements/recone kits directly from EAW.
  6. The RCF sure seems to be orphaned since Mackie bought 'em out two years ago. I'd have thought they would have put T/S data on a site, pricing, made 'em available through Parts Express, etc etc etc.


    Bummer. I was really interested in the RCF L18P200-8. Oh well, I'm also looking long and hard at the Adire Maelstrom 18" driver for something that will handle the low B and still make a bunch of racket.
  7. Bruce, I got all the RCF T/S parameters.

    I've used a pair of L18P200N-8's in a stereo subwoofer setup each in 240 liter cabinets tuned to 35 Hz. They completely rock! They take the 600 watts we put into them easily and provide full, "round" bass. The cabinets front and back are of 40 mm okume and the rest of the walls are 22 mm. In the bottom of the cab is a concrete slab of about 75 kg. Each weighs about 140 kilos.

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    i may be completely ignorant, but just out of curiosity what purpose does the concrete slab serve? im guessing its not just to hold the thing to the ground. though they may need it. :cool:
  9. Joris,

    Thanks. I think I have them too, got a bunch in my spreadsheet. If you have 'em in a single file, email them to me at: [email protected] and I will update my spread sheet.
  10. They prevent the cab being pulled over or off the ledges they stand on. The cabs are on side ledges of a club floor. Because of the added weight it's quite impossible for a single person to move it. If they were 65 kg each, people could get buried under them, should a nuthead pull one of them off.

    The guy who's idea it was to put concrete in them is also convinced they sound better because of it. But heck, he's the one paying for the stuff (including the 1.8kW amp they're connected to), so I guess he can have them any way he wants. I'm a bit sceptical about it.

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