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What active EMGs for my Peavey Grind 6-string?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Airfish, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Hi there.

    I have a Peavey Grind 6-string bass. Not bad, for the money. But I´m already thinking about changing the pickups. My brand of choice is EMG, I have a great local dealer, who can get them in no time, cool price. But I have no idea, what´s the difference in tone/sound between:
    EMG 45DC
    EMG 45DCX
    EMG 45P6
    There´s also EMG 45HZ - but I guess that´s a passive one and I want active PUs.
    So which of the three above mentioned active EMGs is best for my bass? Its neck-thru string-thru mahogany with rosewood fretboard.

    Thanks in advance for all your tips and/or links to sound demos/comparisons.

    I gladly accept PMs with mp3s, if you have some.

  2. The 45P is essentially a six string version of a precision pickup. The DC and the DCX are very similar.

    The difference is that x series is supposed to feel more like a passive pickup while retaining all the advantages of active pickups. When I tried one I could not really hear or feel that much of a substantial difference. The only difference I noticed was that the x series response was slightly less even throughout the fretboard. I believe in your case the DC would be a better choice.

    Perhaps you should also look into the CS and TW series. The CS have a slightly more aggressive tone and the TW series also have a single coil mode which can come in very handy. Whatever the case you can't really go wrong with any choice.

    There is another issue though and that has to do with the existing preamp on your bass. It could be that it doesn't complement the pickups that well (in my case the bass boost has a HUGE impact). In that case you can use either the supplied volume/tone x2 controls.

    Moreover you will have to replace your volume and balancer pots because active pickups require different ones.
  3. Thanks a lot for your advice. As for the preamp: my bass is a passive one, so I guess there´s no preamp in there, i.e. a complete set of PUs (+ pots + everything else that EMG puts in the standard package) should do the job, right?
  4. steve_rolfeca

    steve_rolfeca Supporting Member

    I had a Grind BXP neck through 6-string, just like yours.

    The DC design was an early EMG attempt at a Music Man style tone. Scooped, with a bright upper midrange bite, big low end.

    The CS is a smoother, slightly warmer version of the DC. The TW is a CS with a coil split, to give you an imitation Jazz bass tone. Big volume drop in single coil mode.

    The 45P sounds more like a P-bass- less grind up top, more mids.

    I put two CS's in my Grind, with a BTC for EQ, at 18V. Made the bass sound MUCH better, but if I was doing it over, I would have put a P at the neck, or even at the neck AND bridge.
  5. Wow! Even more valuable advice!
    I personally dont dig the scooped Music Man tone, and I prefer the J-bass to the P-bass tone, so I guess that really makes the CS or the TW my choice. Thanx! :bassist:
  6. Yes that would do it unless you would like to use a balance pot instead of 2 volumes. You will have to buy that extra. I personally equipped a 5 string ibanez SRX-705 with 40DC. I actually tried all pickups except the X series(they were not available then). I opted for the 40DC which was indeed slightly more mid scooped than the CS but all in all the tone was more even and fit better with what I wanted to achieve with that bass. The J was also nice.
  7. My bass has two volume and two tone pots. And I guess every EMG should be delivered as a complete set with two pots, right? So if I buy two pickups, I don´t need to buy anyting extra. Or I didnt get what you meant?
  8. Yes that is correct.