What actually happens at the end of Trading Places?

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  1. FingerDub

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    Jan 8, 2016
    I just got through watching Trading Places and for all the times I've watched it, I've never really understood what's going on at the end there.

    How exactly did they get super rich?
  2. saltydude


    Aug 15, 2011
    boston CANADA
    Good question.
    I know I'd like some lobster and cracked crab right now though.
  3. saltydude


    Aug 15, 2011
    boston CANADA
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  4. FingerDub

    FingerDub Inactive

    Jan 8, 2016
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  5. saltydude


    Aug 15, 2011
    boston CANADA
    Sorry. I'll discuss the movie all you want. One of my favs. Wasn't trying to be a smart ass or anything.

    You want some beef jerky?
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  6. FilterFunk

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    Mar 31, 2010
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  7. Killed_by_Death

    Killed_by_Death Snaggletooth Inactive

    the invisible hand got moved by Dan & Eddie
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  8. saltydude


    Aug 15, 2011
    boston CANADA
    Hey FingerDub. What's one of your funniest parts? I love the two drunk jailbirds are giving him a hard time in the bar.

    "You were in the tank last night braggin on your limousine" "yeah"

    Then at Winthrop's place.

    "Yo you are the most righteous"
    "Yeah yeah just get the hell out"
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  9. FingerDub

    FingerDub Inactive

    Jan 8, 2016
    Every line in that movie is good. Jamie Lee Curtis' melons are off the hook also.
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  10. saltydude


    Aug 15, 2011
    boston CANADA
    Indeed. They just don't make movies of that caliber any more. Kinda shocked most of the cast is still alive given their lifestyle.
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  11. Tom Bomb

    Tom Bomb Hypocognitive

    Apr 23, 2014
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  12. hbarcat

    hbarcat Supporting Member

    Aug 24, 2006
    Rochelle, Illinois
    At the risk of shoving this thread off topic:

    So what is "short selling"?

    What Is Short Selling? | Investopedia

    When investors set up an account with their broker, they open either a cash account or a margin account. To short sell, a margin account is required. You can think of a cash account as like a debit card and a margin account like a credit card.

    On the face of it, it seems like pure, free market economics, where every investor from the small time player to the multi billionaire, professional investor is equal and the risks are evenly distributed, but this isn't necessarily the case. The bottom line (literally) is that the richest investors can utilize (some would say, exploit) markets so that they always make money in the long run.

    Imagine a country somewhere that is currently experiencing a booming economy after a period of relatively flat and slow rate of growth. Their currency will appear to increase in value exponentially, but this condition is never sustainable. Eventually the rate of growth flattens and then starts to decline before resuming it's normal relatively flat and slow rate of growth. This is called a "sigmoidal" growth curve.


    Except when mobs of wealthy investors start buying their currency, which artificially drives up the value (demand is greater than the supply) and causes the rise in the curve to continue up higher than it otherwise would. Overzealous investors have created a classic market bubble.

    Inevitably, the bubble bursts and the value of the currency plummets. Investors who bought in late find themselves selling at a loss. Panic ensues and buyers of the currency disappear. The currency actually becomes worth much less than the economy it represents and this results in the economy itself going into recession.

    But those investors who got in early have guaranteed themselves massive profits simply by buying into the booming economy then selling before the bubble pops. After the post burst recession, they can then choose to buy again at the new low price. They wait for the economy to come out of recession - and then sell again.

    This is what happened in the Asian financial crisis of 1997.
    1997 Asian financial crisis - Wikipedia

    It has been argued that allowing big investors to use highly leveraged transactions in such a manner is an actual cause of market bubbles followed by the inevitable recession and that large investors count on this to make their profit. Some suggest regulations making this leveraging illegal because when you understand where the investors profits come from (the money has to come from somewhere) it represents the total of collective loss of value in the country's currency. In other words, it comes out of the diminished bank accounts of millions of individual citizens who are just going about their business working and have no stake in investing.

    Sorry about the derail. Now back to the thread.
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  13. Funny movie and Jamie Lee Curtis - wow!
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  14. Killed_by_Death

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    At one point Christopher Guest said the most common question people asked him in interviews is what it was like being with JLC.
    He said it's just normal after awhile, they take care of the kids in sweatpants like any other couple

    still together
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  15. bholder

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    Sep 2, 2001
    Vestal, NY
    Received a gift from Sire* (see sig)
    Gives me the wind something fierce.
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  16. hbarcat

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    Aug 24, 2006
    Rochelle, Illinois
    Turn those machines back on!
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  17. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    This kind of thing happens to me every week.
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  18. superdick2112

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    Nov 20, 2010
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    "My name was Agent Orange."
  19. Clark Dark

    Clark Dark

    Mar 3, 2005
    I'm a karate man
  20. Clark Dark

    Clark Dark

    Mar 3, 2005
    "tell us how you cut 'em"