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what amp size

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by tyburn, Feb 14, 2001.

  1. hey, i've currently only got a small trace elliot boxer 30w amp and am getting a bit sick of the lack of power, and the limted tonal and sound shaping abillity. what i want is a setup that is loud enough for small gigs, but that can also fit in my bedroom and be used for practicing,, this is because i'll trade my existing amp in,

    size and weight isn't a problem cos i'm 6'5" and 230lb oh and 18,
    but cost is, i'm not after an Ed or eden micro nuclear reactor of an amp

    i was thinking about something like a 150-200w head and cab

    probably just one cab for now, but what should i go for??

    1x15,,,,2x10 etc

    any good recommendations, setup and prices??

    oh, i live in england so any of u UK guys got any advice

  2. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    Hello Tyburn I followed you from the UK Funk thread.

    I will try a balanced answer rather than just the stuff I use.

    You dont mention make or money so sticking with TE
    the 300w combo's (1x15 and 2x10) are excellent and can be picked up SH between 300-400 quid. They will take an ext cab so are expandable. I would go for a 2x10 and get a 1x15 later.

    Having used 15's for years I have just converted to 10's and find them tighter for lack of a technical description. I use a TE V4 220w head into a Hartke 4x10 for a 400 seater church. I have done pubs clubs and school halls with my Hartke 1x15 140w combo.

    I would look secondhand at http://www.loot.com (I got the V4 via their ads). However private sales are potential disasters, do your homework on prices and take a mate. Buying SH from shops is good, check their sh warranty policy (I blew an output transformer on a guitar amp and got it fixed FOC from CODA-spam alert).

    Overwater do sh stuff from trade ins so try ringing them and ask them to ring you with any combo's heads etc.

    Heres a short list of stuff to look at secondhand in shops or private

    Hartke 1415 £300ish 1x15 140w combo XL speaker small loud and transparent sound

    Ampeg 100R £350 1x15 100w combo this is a monster! Simple controls and very loud.

    The aforementioned TE 300w combos

    SWR Workingmans combos never tried em but worth a look if you see one locally.

    Happy hunting and buyer beware!

    PS once you have a shortlist or prime suspect come back here and ask for reliability issues etc from people that gig with them.
  3. its not the SIZE of the setup, its the size of the speakers. The larger the speaker, the more volume/low end. THe smaller the speaker, the more definition and high end/punch. IF your going with smaller sized speakers, you may want multiple speakers. The size of a cab with a 15" speaker is probably going to be a tad smaller than one with 4 10" speakers in it, and these 2 cabs together usually go very well.

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