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What Amp?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by wtf_is_a_bass, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. wtf_is_a_bass

    wtf_is_a_bass Guest

    Aug 11, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Endorsing Artist: PiGLET picks
    Hey its me again, looking for my second ever amp. I queeried about amps a while back but since then the money in my wallet has grown so i have a wider varitey to chose from. Ima beginner playing a 20w amp in a church and gargae band. Its putting up well with drums and such but i need alot more power for gigs. I know none of you will agree with my choices but understand that ima beginner, only 13 yrs old and have NO money compared to someone with a job lol. Please just help me to find the best VALUE for the money im spending and not so much on brand. Thanks

    Ashton BA150 - 150w - $699 AUD
    Behringer BXL3000 - 300w - $499
    Fender Rumble 100 - 100w - $649



  2. If you're not concerned about the politics of Behringer (that's your own moral dilemma, and I'm not going to advise you either way), then the BXL may represent the best value for money, but they're a new model, and it will possibly be hard to find people with first hand experience with them. Play one and see if you like it.

    The Fender Rumble I've played, and was not overly impressed by.

    The Ashton I haven't played, so won't comment.

    I'd also suggest an Ashdown Electric Blue 12-180 or 15-180 combo. They are really sweet, full of great features and good quality, for a similar price to the Ashton. You might pay $50-100 more, but I assure you it'd be worth trying to go that little extra mile. It's not a whole lot more, but you get alot of amp. ;)
  3. wtf_is_a_bass

    wtf_is_a_bass Guest

    Aug 11, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Endorsing Artist: PiGLET picks
    Yeah i was leaning to ward the behringer but im afraid that itll crap out on me after a few months. Is there the same risk for the fender and ashton?

    Are there any other decent combos or amp/cab packages around my money amount?
  4. Ashton used to have reliability issues, these seem to have been resolved, but Ashton = Bland Sounding. IMO of course, even the 300watt all tube 'monster' as they call it sounded dull. That and even with the boost turned on, the mids up, the gain on 10 and an active bass in the passive input it wouldn't get dirty!!!!
  5. EchO


    Aug 3, 2005
  6. Echo, that would be great if he lived in the US, but he doesn't so it ain't much use.
  7. Second hand is the way to go in Australia for value. I know the lure of a new amp can make it seem exciting, but you'll get a much better amp if it's used.

    I'd recommend trying to pick up some decent Peavey gear because it sounds reasonable and it lasts forever!
  8. wtf_is_a_bass

    wtf_is_a_bass Guest

    Aug 11, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Endorsing Artist: PiGLET picks
    Hey, to let you know, i dont really care about tone, sound quality or anything (yet) just along as it has the low end punch to it.

    How about a Behringer stack for $300 AUD of its retail price?
  9. Actually dude, it's a real shame you're in Sydney - I'm selling a near new Warwick Sweet 15 150w combo well within your price range.

    But as far as other combos, as I said - you really should check out the Ashdown Electric Blue EB 12-180 or 15-180.

  10. wtf_is_a_bass

    wtf_is_a_bass Guest

    Aug 11, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Endorsing Artist: PiGLET picks
    Damn, that Warwick wouldve been a good buy :frown:

    Anyways so how about this behringer amp/cab deal with $300 AUD off its retail!

    The cab is a 15" paper cone speaker with high frequency horn.
  11. d8g3jdh

    d8g3jdh Guest

    Aug 9, 2005
    look used, you could get either alot better of an amp for the same price, or the same quality amp and save a bunch of money.
  12. Forget about how much off the retail it is, how much are they asking for the Behringer head and cabinet? It's pretty rare to actually pay the retail price. It sounds like a bb115 cab - which head is it?
  13. wtf_is_a_bass

    wtf_is_a_bass Guest

    Aug 11, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Endorsing Artist: PiGLET picks
    BX4500T head - $375
    BB115 Cab - $264
  14. They're OK prices.

    You're not saving $300, but it's probably a bit better than most dealers.

    The BB115 is a very heavy cab (32kg) - be prepared to lug it around. I've also heard the horns in those cabs aren't super.

    The head? The 4500 is fairly new, but most 3000 head users I've read about have been reasonably happy.

    Up to you dude, once you decide on the morality of buying Behringer products, you look at the value. If the gear's going to do what you want it to, and the price is right - go nuts ;)
  15. wtf_is_a_bass

    wtf_is_a_bass Guest

    Aug 11, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    Endorsing Artist: PiGLET picks
    Ok thanks for all your help guys!
  16. wtf_is_a_bass,

    I bought the BXL3000 amp and overall it is quite good for the money. HOWEVER, driving this amp hard will blow it up. Case in point; After having the amp for two days, I decided to crank it up and test the limits. Having an active bass, I was playing on channel 1 and having the volume full up on both input and master, my finger slipped off one of the strings and popped the speaker. I took it apart and saw that the fuses were not blown and the "protective circuitry" did not save the speaker b/c I had power to the unit but put the meter on the speaker and it was blown. So after paying 70 bucks to ship it back for a new one, lesson learned. I would not play this amp hard but it was hitting hard at 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock on the volume knob. I would not go any more in fear of blowing it up again. I wonder if I was on channel 2 running the compressor would I have prevented the speaker from burning out? Probably not.

    If I blow the speaker up again, I am going to put in a higher rated speaker and have the fuses pop rather then the speaker. So right now with a total of $320 into the amp (price of amp and shipping back) I would give it a cautious buy to anyone who is in the market for a combo amp.

    So aside from that...it does make a good practice amp. I don't think I would trust it for a gig b/c of the speaker going out on me rather than the fuses and to this date I am not sure why that did not happen. However, I do like the wedge shape to it where you can rock it back or have it stand straight-up.


  17. I would consider the Ashdown EB 12-180 or EB 15-180. Though I don't know what the exchange is in AUD it's difficult to know what is in your price range. I can attest to Ashdown making a fine product as I own a Mag 300. Also you might want to look at brands like Yorkville which are super reliable. Maybe a XM100? While bass shopping I recently plugged into a Genz Benz GBE 100 210 that was really nice.
    I tried a Berringer once and it sounded ok but looked cheap and if you type the name onto the search feature you will dicover their is not alot of love for Berringer products around here.
    Bottom line is try as many product as you can and find the one that sounds right to you.
  18. srxplayer


    May 19, 2004
    Highland, CA
    I don't know anything about Ashton amps but they look cool. I would lean towards supporting your fellow Aussies and go with the Ashton. Even though it's probably built in China.
  19. I would not buy Behringer. I've just heard lots of bad comments and there's no denying that its a cheaper, "value" line of gear. If you have to push it, you might get some nasty results and I think in general you won't be happy after a while. I'd say the Ashdown is the best choice above. Someone mentioned the Ashdowm electric Blue. That might be nice. I would really encourage you to buy used whatever you do. If your looking to spend $700ish, you can find some quality used combos in that price range. I think you'll be alot happier and have a more reliable, pro or semi pro amp.
  20. Yorkville XS400, best combo, in my opinion of course.

    Look it up. www.yorkville.com