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What ampeg is right for me? SVT350H? B2R?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by orskard, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. orskard


    Mar 17, 2004
    Hey, ill start off by telling what i play, what kind of music, then what i think my problem is.

    i play a peavey mark IV bass head 210 watts at 4 and 300 at 2. Fender p bass special all threw a 4 ohm Avatar 2x10 which handles 600 watts.

    i play in a blues, rock n roll band.

    my peavey and avatar work well, but i have to run it full out to be heard. Pre and post volumes up all the way. NOT GOOD. i know its got to be hurting everything. If i had a more effiicent cab, would that help? im sure im not really putting out 210 watts. because i can tell that its clipping and all that. i know running it like that is bad, so dont yell at me please, lol.

    here is what ive been looking at, GK 800RB, but i dont think it would be much of an improvment, Carvin R600/R1000 but people seem to have issue with them after a year. And now since i play blues and rock n roll, i love the way ampegs sound.


    People have been saying that the Svt350 and also the B2R are underpowered. and im sure they would sound even quiter on my avatar since it craves 600 watts.

    WHat should i do? i really really like the way ampegs sound but i dont think i will have enough juice to make me be heard. My band is pretty loud and we have 2 guitarist one uses a marshall combo 1x12 and 50 REALLY REALLY LOUD watts. and a drummer who can play really loud too. Im scared that i wont have enough power if i get the B2r or the SVT350 but at least my tone will be nice. Would i be louder if i bought an ampeg cab too? i mean its costing a lot now, but would that make it louder?

    I know that the B2r and SVT350 are the same amp just in a diff. case, but i dont really care about racking gear. If i got the Ampeg SVT350H and ran it with my avatar untill i got enough money for a new cab, would that work? or would i still be under powered?

    what other ampeg heads should i look at??

    my band is not practice for a month now, due to foot ball season (drummer plays football) so now is the time to get a new amp. im not rushing into getting one, jsut because i have the chance, its just now i dont have to worry about having on for practice or anything.

    and im willing to sell my amp and cab for whatever i could get for it too.

    ANY IDEAS???

  2. orskard


    Mar 17, 2004
    after looking around at old posts and reviews, what do you guys think of the ampeg V4-B?

    some people say not loud enough, some say loud enough.

    but its also tube, which is awesome and bad at the same time.

  3. i think you need to think about PRE/POWER

    if you dont know what pre/power is it is basically a power-amp and a pre-amp

    the power-amp is just a peice that gies you the power no tone controls what-so-ever

    the pre-amp, is a tone-control unit,

    basically this is what a ordinary head is, but this way you have much more versitility.
  4. I've gigged with the SVT350H through 2 "2x10's" and it was underpowered with one guitarist and a drummer. Mind you, I was playing punk. I had the volume at 6.5, and could barely be heard. The limiter light kept lighting up as well.

    Perhaps you can go a step higher to the SVT-3 Pro, although it's just 100 more watts. Another possibility would be the pre/power route, w/ an Ampeg pre, then a PA poweramp.

    If at all possible, I suggest you check out the Yorkville XS400. 400 loud watts, and the tone's not shabby at all. It's also under $500 US new methinks.
  5. orskard


    Mar 17, 2004
    could you recomend some pre and powers for me?

    or is there a forum post that sums it up well.

    ive looked at going that route, but it also cost more, does it not?

    the SVT 3 is what i was also looking at.

  6. nope its cheaper!

    you could get a QSC RMX series power amps

    and a BBE B-MAX pre-amp

    you could get a 800watt power amp for $299, abviosly the price goes up for more power.

    and that pre-amp is also $299

    if you would think about getting new cab i would get the avaatar 2x12.

    dont be afraid of the high wattage, the main reseon why the cabs clip and fart out is beacuse the cabs are underpowerd with not enough power.

    so if you had a 200 watt head gouing into a 600 watt cab it will most likely sound like crap when cranked

    if you had a 700 watt head into a 600 watt cab it would probably sound great
  7. orskard


    Mar 17, 2004
    what pre amp is the best? i want a good blues tone, but that can over drive too, ampeg? Sansamp?

    can i get some links on these power amps. or anyone who has used them.

  8. csholtmeier


    Feb 8, 2004
    omaha, ne
    Check out basstasters.com for clips of different pres. I am currently using an SVP-Pro, and I love the sound. I have used for everything from alt-country to metal (no,seriously) and always get compliments on my tone.

  9. vacman


    Mar 8, 2004
    portland, or
    Try to find a used SVT-CL....loud enough to have your guitarists wearing ear plugs....nothing like sweet tubes to cut through the mix. However, I dont know how your 2-10 would handle to SVT...you might need to find a used 4-10 or if you really want to blast holes in the sheetrock try a 6-10.
  10. orskard


    Mar 17, 2004
    a classic is way to much weight, and it cost to much too.

    im starting to look at the pre/power.

  11. dude the ultimate blues setup

    QSC RMX 1450 or 850
    BBE B-MAX (great for blues, im in one trust me dude)
    and a good cab avatar 2x12, but for some serious good tone get a schroeder cab.

    my dream rig

    QSC RMX 1450
  12. I think a second cab would give you a greater boost in volume than another amp in the 350 watt range. A 2x10 cab is only going to do so much for you by itself.

    With that said may I suggest the Avatar b212. That would go real nice with your b210.
  13. orskard


    Mar 17, 2004
    will the BB Max pre amp give me a better tube tone than the ampeg SVP-CL? the ampeg has four tubes in it, does the other one?

  14. dude, obviosly the ampeg will give you more of a tube sound. dur it has tubes. BUT bbe makes a b-max-t which is there tube model looks exactly the same ewxept it has tubes it is more expensie but not as much as the ampeg.

  15. just so you know as well, it's a weight difference too.. those SVT350H's are pretty clunky. That box is a pain in the arse. If you went with the B2R in a soft bag or something along with your avatar you'd have a killer rig and it wouldn't be a pain on yer back.. I had the B4R and loved it BTW...