What an "Active" dilehma!!!

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  1. I have a swamp ash w/QMT 5string bass(maple neck w/ebony FB), and I'm trying to decide which pups to install. I was gonna go EMG DC40's with their BQC pre, but seems like alot of players like Bartolini, especially in the "jam band" scene. I like the clarity that I remember of EMG's, but I also like that "burpy, low end, staccato" tone of a bass. Anyone rocking EMG's/Bart's in a band similar band situation, and thoughts? Is one "better" than the other, especially for my application? Does knowing I play through a Genz Shuttle 9.0 into a Genz NeoX212T help the scenerio? Thanks for any help/input TB Community.
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    I have basses with both. I find that EMG are articulate and bite in a killer way but not the most organic at least that’s been my experience with them in Euro Spectors with various preamps from EMG control to BQC to even MEC. Focused and will cut like a knife. (This is obviously a huge sweeping generalized overview and is completely subjective) but that’s been my experience. Hard melodic or heavy music they rule.

    I have had a ton of different basses with Bartolini pickups and preamps and Barts with many different preamps as well. It just depends so much on the bass and how you play but seem to be more organic open and mid friendly than EMG DC40’s.

    Recently been experimenting with Seymour Duncan soaps and Duncan preamps and they seem to have the best of both worlds. But EMG has so many new options for you to try. I just bought a set of EMG 40XTWs which are new and will fit as a 40DC but they can be run together as a true humbucker or as single coil with the coil tap in the provided push pull volume knobs. I’m going to run them with an Aguilar OBP3 or an EMG BQC control let you know how they are…
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    I rock active EMGs and an OBP-3 in most of my basses.

    I posted a link here in another thread where I kept the EQ as flat as possible. I think the TWs and a nice 3-band EQ pair very nicely to get anything from a nice burpy, growly tone to a meaty aggressive sound.