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  1. NEWARK — No landmines allowed onboard, armed or not!

    That’s the rule, according to the Transportation Security Administration, which posts on its web site, TSA | Transportation Security Administration | U.S. Department of Homeland Security, just what airline passengers can take onboard.

    But not everyone reads the TSA's posted warnings, and today the TSA said it had to confiscate three disarmed claymore mines that a Union Township woman had packed in her checked bags for a flight from Newark to San Francisco.

    The unidentified woman missed her flight out of Newark Liberty International Airport after the mines triggered an alarm while being X-rayed, the TSA said. But she was not charged, the agency added, and was allowed to board a later flight, without the mines.

    The woman told the TSA she was en route to an explosives demonstration and the mines were for educational purposes only, according to the agency
  2. Watch out. Its a warzone out there.
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    And always remember keep your Claymores, RPG's, and any thermonuclear devices in a cool, well ventilated area. I hate it when my 20mm grenades won't fit in the launcher tubes because they swelled up due to humility. Its downright embarrassing. :D

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  5. At this time, we'd like to ask you to stwo your tray tables, turn off any portable electronic devices, and disarm any anti-personnel mines. Thank you and have a nice flight.
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    Thats a funny statement.

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