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what are recommendations for Christian rock bands?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Matt_T, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Matt_T


    Dec 18, 2013
    Springdale, AR
    Are there still Christian rock bands out there anymore or has everything become praise and worship? Nothing really wrong with praise music per se but most of it is pretty sedate. Back in the mid-/late-80s, we had Petra and the Rez Band. Don't know if that kind of music exists anymore. Recommendations are more than welcome.
  2. 20db pad

    20db pad

    Feb 11, 2003
    I been everywhere, man...
    None. At all.
    Lincoln Brewster's stuff is actually pretty good, but it is otherwise PW material. Everybody else in the genre sounds like U2.
  3. Matt_T


    Dec 18, 2013
    Springdale, AR
    Definitely. I've heard several Christian bands on youtube and thought, "Man, these guys should be paying U2 royalties."
  4. Dug2

    Dug2 Supporting Member

    Sep 24, 2011
    christian members come to mind
  5. SirMjac28

    SirMjac28 Patiently Waiting For The Next British Invasion

    Aug 25, 2010
    The Great Midwest
    Switchfoot they sound awesome and have a great bassist.
  6. christle

    christle Supporting Member

    Jan 26, 2002
    Winnipeg, MB
    Skillet, The Letter Black, As I Lay Dying all come to mind and are all very different. There are quite a number but you have to dig for them.
  7. Matt_T


    Dec 18, 2013
    Springdale, AR
    I will the youtube digging. Thanks for the recommendations. On a semi-related topic, I worked with the former drummer from Skillet for a few months at a music store in Fayetteville, AR, but never got to know the guy very well.
  8. BobWestbrook

    BobWestbrook Mr. Supporting Member

    Mar 13, 2006
    Philly suburb
    I started Seventh Time Around, our Christian band, with the intent to stay away from overdone P&W styles. We do blues, blues-rock, funk, latin, reggae, light jazz, etc. But we don't yet have many decent recordings.
    Here are three originals you can download, 2 blues and 1 other.
  9. Matt_T


    Dec 18, 2013
    Springdale, AR
    Didn't know Eno was an atheist. I loved the Joshua Tree album but I don't need to hear it over and over filtered through different bands.
  10. gr8bassplayer


    Feb 12, 2013
    Pillar is lesser known but their stuff is incredible, as is skillet, Manafest, thousand foot krutch, and relient k... Remedy drive also comes to mind.
  11. Thrice, not all members are Christian, but the lyrics are as is the lead singer who is now the worship pastor at one of the largest churches in North America.

    MeWithoutYou, awesome post-rock/spoken word/not sure what to call them.

    Mae, their album "The Everglow" is probably one of the top five best rock albums of all time. Solid from front to back with some of the best production I have ever heard.

    The Human Flight Connection, "Oh When Animals Unionize" is probably my favourite post-hardcore album and has top notch production as well.

    Mute Math, best live show of all time. Unbelievable energy and four of the most talented musicians on the planet all making incredible music. Their drummer is my favourite drummer of all time.

    If hip-hop is your thing, Shad is the best rapper on the planet, hands down. Even Common says so. Dude is unbelievably talented and keeps getting better. Four albums and not a single bad song. Plays many of his own instruments as well and killer live show.

    Cool Hand Luke, awesome indie band that has been around forever that no one has ever heard of.

    If you are interested in more, I can dig through my music and find more hip-hop and indie music. This was all off the top of my head, as these are all in my permanent play rotation.

  12. adamaarts


    Apr 19, 2001
    Corona, CA
    Beta tester Source Audio, demos/reviews of many others
    Red's new album is absolutely brilliant. They keep getting better and better..
  13. poit57


    Apr 30, 2010
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Blindside and Project 86 are a couple of my favorite Christian bands. You might check out the artist rosters of Tooth and Nail Records, BEC Recordings, and Solid State Records. They are all owned by the same people.

    Tooth and Nail began in the 1990's as a record company for Christian artists. It is more a venue for artists who are Christians to release their music, but not all the music was done with a Christian message in mind. BEC and Solid State were started by the same founder with BEC signing the artists who were focused on doing "Christian music" and Solid State signing the artists who are into the heavier metal and hardcore genres.
  14. hrodbert696

    hrodbert696 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    +1 to Switchfoot, really enjoy them.

    I think Sixpence None the Richer are still kicking around. Their self-titled album is one of my all-time favorite albums by anyone, ever.

    I'd also recommend Needtobreathe (all one word). Saw them in concert in Maine a while back, good show. Kind of a southern-rock flavored group.

    One you might count that's another huge favorite of mine is Cold War Kids. They aren't on a Christian label and haven't ever announced themselves as a religious group, but there was an internet micro-controversy when some indie blogger/critic found out they went to BIOLA. The lyrics certainly are consistent with a Christian outlook, or at least background - the song "Minimum Day" is explicitly about being terrorized by Rapture movies as a kid.
  15. RyanJD


    Apr 19, 2011
    +1 to Project 86, Switchfoot and Red.
    I also like Thousand Foot Krutch, The Classic Crime, Anberlin, Dead Poetic, Emery, Run Kid Run, and The Showdown.

    If you're into the really heavy stuff like I am, check out August Burn Red, Haste the Day, Oh, Sleeper, Underoath, Once Nothing, As I Lay Dying, and The Devil Wears Prada. (In that order, if you ask me.)

    I think all of these bands have at least some kind of claim to Christianity. It may not be overt, but the lyrics are pretty much always faith-based and positive.
  16. Marc Seal is an instrumental Christian musician, which seems arbitrary without lyrics.
  17. Richland123


    Apr 17, 2009
    There are dozens of harder edged Christian rock bands around depending on what type of genre you want. It would take me awhile to list many of them.

    Decemberadio is really good if you like the hard rock stuff.

  18. jdb72

    jdb72 Supporting Member

    Jul 31, 2010
  19. RyanJD


    Apr 19, 2011
    Oh yeah, I forgot about RadioU. I used to stream them all the time.
    Good stuff.

    There's a TFK song playing right now. ;)
  20. Matt_T


    Dec 18, 2013
    Springdale, AR
    Thank you for all of the recommendations. Some of the heavier stuff isn't my cup of meat but that's just me.