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What are some good Radiohead basslines?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by StrudelBass, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. StrudelBass


    Jul 6, 2002
    So far I've got the National Anthem and Paranoid Android. Any other good radiohead basslines?
  2. Colin Greenwood is a great bassist, he has loads of cool lines. Check out "Exit Music", the bass comes in at the end, but its one of my favourite basslines ever. Also "Them Bones", "Electioneering" and "I Might Be Wrong", just selected at random.
  3. Heckya coliln's sweet!! hes got a laid back melody, which is kind of relieving -- espescially hearing from a bassist, such as in "morning bell";

    any radiohead basslines good to go, strudelbass ;) Learn the whole catelog!!

  4. Jeff Moote

    Jeff Moote Supporting Member

    Oct 11, 2001
    Beamsville, ON, Canada
    Well, joking aside, learn all that you can. He's a great player. Some that come to mind, that haven't be mentioned, are Everything in its Right Place, Just, Anyone can play Guitar. As well, I Might be wrong is probably the best.
  5. WildBill


    Jul 7, 2002
    Does anyone know what Colins set up is,i.e Bass, Pedals,Amps
  6. StrudelBass


    Jul 6, 2002
    I know he uses a fender :p
  7. A bassist with a rare sense of space.

    Talk Show Host, for example.
  8. frankosaurus


    Feb 27, 2002
    San Jose
    I've always liked how the bass comes in in "Airbag" with the lyric "jackknifed juggernaut..."

    lots of space in this song

  9. StrudelBass


    Jul 6, 2002
    Yeah, what IS Colin's rig?
  10. savagelucy


    Apr 27, 2002
    all I know is he plays a P-Bass. Probably an ampeg SVT too, but i'm not sure....
  11. savagelucy


    Apr 27, 2002

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