What are the diffrences in sound between Ampeg and Aguilar combos

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    I am currently using an Ampeg B100R and i was wondering how the sound of Ampeg compares with Aguilar. If anyone has expirence with each of the items i would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks
  2. If you search under "Ampeg Aguilar" there have been lost of threads comparing these two, but I'll give you my opinion, because, I've owned two Ampeg combos, one Ampeg head, an Aguilar preamp, and an Aguilar cabinet.

    Anyways, to my ears, the B-100r. and all Ampegs for that matter have sort of a raw, agressive, unrefined quality in their sound. Ampegs are typically warm, but with a lot of mids. Aguilars are much more more modern, and clear sounding. While they sound very warm, (warmer than a B-100r), they still sound more transparent and less colored than Ampegs. that's not to say they don't color that sound a bit. Aguilars aren't super "hi-fi" or anything. So to summerize as best I can:

    Ampeg: aggresive, unrefined, but warm

    Aguilar: modern and warm

    I prefer Aguilar to Ampeg by far, but they're also more expensive, and it depends on the kind of sound your after, and the music you play.
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    Aguilar does not make any combo amps. For that reason Ampeg combos sound much better because you can actually hear them :D
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