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what are these effects?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by lamarjones, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. lamarjones

    lamarjones Supporting Member

    Aug 27, 2002
    Raleigh, NC
    what effects are in play here?

  2. Adamixoye

    Adamixoye A PT Pro is cool for worship, right?

    Apr 9, 2012
    Occasional Beta Tester for Confusion Studios, Singular Sound, and Source Audio
    One I think is a Bit Crusher.
  3. Amazing sounds Janek is getting. I think there was also some octaver at one point, maybe a POG or HOG through the whole thing and he just added in an octave? At 0:25 he lowers the upper frequencies, squelching the upper partial. At 2:06 he puts them back in, maybe adds an upper octave? Not sure but the upper partial returns there.
  4. Another video of the same thing, from behind JoJo, so a better look at Janek's pedal board and when he activates things, but still not enough resolution to see exactly what is on.

  5. It sounds like an OC-2 into a bitcrusher to me.
  6. avvie


    Oct 12, 2010
    Maui, HI
    Actually I think that's a ring modulator at the intro and again at 2:10. I was just doing this same sound this morning with my B3. The bitcrusher is a good guess...I would have thought so too.

    Dunno what's rolling off the highs on the rest...possibly a LPF pedal?
  7. With the cool resonance he's getting I think a ring mod might be the ticket, or a very resonant LPF that he's sweeping the cutoff freq of, but frankly it looks more like he's just engaging/disengaging than sweeping an exp pedal when the high freqs go away and when they come back. So a ring mod and an octaver (OC-2 is highly plausible) and probably a bit crusher or other distortion/OD. Plus a P bass! Very interesting that he's using a passive bass as the source.
  8. Well, Janek is very partial to his Frantabit and his massive collection of OC-2s, so those are a pretty safe bet. Look for his vid for the Frantabit.
  9. Now, comparing the second vid up there plus Janek's on bitcrushers, looks like he's using the Bugbrand Bugcrusher and an OC-2. He's also using the Moogerfooger LPF and the TC Nova Repeater. Here's that other vid: http://youtu.be/1uyEMfN0y6U

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