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    After finishing Lemmy's biography, for the second time, I picked up Slash's biography.

    It's the closest I've seen an artist discuss how they learned their instrument.

    I've read a few Rock Star biographies, and they usually just gloss right over the part about learning their instrument, but Saul goes into better detail IMHO.

    What are you reading?

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    Dec 1, 2015
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    zika virus
  4. Read this recently. It was good, but a light read. Author clearly a bit of a "fan boy", but still gives some good insights into what drives Plant.


    Next up is this -

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  5. jad


    Aug 29, 2002
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    On my tablet right now...
    I Found My Friends (The Real History of Nirvana) - Nick Soulsby
    The Band - Craig Harris
    When Giants Walked the Earth (A Biography of Led Zeppelin) - Mick Wall
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    This thread?
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    Nothing musical ATM. Currently working my way through a box of assorted history books. Just finished reading about the explosion of the Sultana, the greatest maritime disaster in American history.

    Last music related book i read was "Jerry Lee Lewis: In His Own Words". Not inly a great look into the rather dark soul of one if the inventors of R&R, but a decent look at America's (and the world's) reaction to the rise of the devils own music.
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    I'm reading a book by a friend of mine who is a musician.

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    Finished this book a few months ago. While I am not a Slash or GnR fan, I like rock bios so I figured I'd try this one. Never read an autobiography where the subject was so unaware of himself and his actions. The whole book was basically one big "yeah, I screwed everyone over and treated people horribly, but it was ok because I didn't mean it. I was just misunderstood." Slash was never a role model for me, but man, what a shallow, uninteresting mess of a human being he is. Or at least seems to be after reading this one.
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  12. Music Theory for Dummies and Blues Guitar for Dummies
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  13. Last music-related publication I read was "In Cold Sweat" by Tom Wictor (known here on TB as "Arthritic Tom". Stories about interviews he did with famous bassists when he was a writer for Bass Player magazine.

    As far as music biographies, "I Am Ozzy" is one of the most hilarious books I've ever read. Ozzy is the definition of a "rock star" and if even half the stories in his book are true than his real life blows away Spinal Tap for over-the-top crazy sh!t.

    Recently I've been listening to WQXR's Meet the Composer podcasts where they interview nd discuss modern classical and experimental music composers.
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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Never read Sixx's, but have perused it at a friends house. I think your assessment is correct. Seems pretty wild. Actually, my favorite music related book I've read recently was Bill Bruford's autobiography. As a former prog drummer myself, I was a huge Bruford fan. I love how he simply retired after hitting 65 saying that every time he played a gig as an old man, some young guy was not getting the chance. True ambassador to the arts. Also was fun reading about his barely disguised disdain of Chris Squire.
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    I just finished Bob Stanley's "Yeah yeah yeah! The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to Beyonce." It was informative, and really useful for the vast sweep of material it takes in. Stanley basically takes "pop" music as more of a culture having to do with radio, a pop music press, and the 45 single - he considers digital to have killed it and we're now in a post-pop era. But with that broad of an idea, he tries to bring in rock and roll, soul, R&B in its various phases, disco, rap and hip hop, electronica, punk, metal, house and EDM, grunge - a huge array of stuff, and trace connections and juxtapositions of it all. It's worth the read, but is also marred by the fact that sometimes he has to be pretty superficial and sometimes some rather blatant prejudices or matters of taste intrude. Talking Heads, for instance, he dismisses as three guys trying to impress Tina Weymouth, and has nothing more substantial to say. Still, an interesting reference.
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    Jul 24, 2014
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    Working on Guitar Zero by Gary Marcus. Interesting and funny book about how our brains are wired to learn music.

    Prior to that I read a Peter Gabriel biography that wasn't bad, but wasn't amazing.
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    Reading Beneath the Underdog again.
    Last time was maybe 20 years ago. Mingus really was a badass.
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    Jul 13, 2008
    I'm halfway through Clapton but can't get into it.