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what are your opinions of the Line 6 Bass Pod & XT?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by KAOSBass, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. KAOSBass


    Mar 10, 2005
    Amarillo Texas
    I play at home mostly, I have a few guys I play with on occasion, I do "some" recording. I dont have any experience with these, I can get the original pretty cheap and could use the spdif output to record with, on the other hand the xt is more expensive, is it worth the extra cash? I can get the original Pro version cheaper than the xt bean. I would like the Pro version of either one, I just dont know that the price difference is worth it.

    I want something I can get "several" sounds out of, not just a one tone preamp.

    Also thinking about the Sansamp PSA-1 as another option..
  2. There are plenty of recent, excellent threads on here that answers all your questions. Use the search function :bag:
  3. I've owned a bass pod pro xt for about 6 months and I want to get rid of it. It will let you know what your sound is and effects you will need when you want to step out of it. I feel that it compresses my sound a little too much and has way to many bells and whistles for me. I like to be able to plug in and start jamming. If you are looking to get a ton of different sounds this is for you. I don't mean different effet sounds but different bass tones.I just want one good alternative rock sound and a few pedals so I'm going to switch to bmax and a pedal board. I think the coolest sound I got out of it was a hard compressed overdrive. It sounded a lot like Tim Commerfords overdrive in "like a stone".

    Hope that helps.