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  1. as players, what songs do ure friends or relitives usually remember u by? when im asked to play, its always the "seinfeld theme", the jackson fives "abc" or "i want u back" and les claypool's "the awakening". what are ures?
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    Ah yes, "The Awakening"! Hmm...Did you know that Les Claypool DID NOT write that song? Dexter Redding (a virtuoso slapper), and member of the band, The Reddings, wrote and recorded that song in the late 70's-early 80's! I can't stand the fact that Les Claypool is being recognized for a song he didn't create!! Furthermore, Dexter would 'slap' Les silly! ;)
  3. i know les didnt write it and ive heard Redding's version but i am asked to play les's redition. this is what i was talking about when i posted the post about givin some more credit to us younger bassists but i wont cause any problems

    just stay coool.....
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    I'm cool! You get points for knowing what's up!;) I just can't stand Les Claypool! I wonder if Dexter gets a check everytime Les plays it??!!
  5. yeah i wonder if he does? i like les though sorry man. i think he should become a member here and chill on this site with us
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    since youre talking about songs this off to recordings