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What bass am I looking for?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Gord, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Gord


    Jan 10, 2004
    BC, Canada
    Hi Guys!
    I'm sure you all never tire of the endless stream of "What bass should I get" threads - well here's one more!

    let's start with an example of the music I make:

    (the second track)
    Now, both tracks are fairly old, and I'm not asking to rate my music - just the kind of bass that would fit that style.

    Some of our other songs go a lot harder, and I love a bass that can give off tons of low end. The bass on the track is a Fender Aerodyne, with both pickups upgraded to Seymour Duncan 1/4 pounders.

    The basses I'm looking at are the Spector Legend, Schetcer Studio (kind of ruled that one out), and.. well, that's about it for now. I've been looking at Stingrays, but they're a bit out of my reach for now.

    The problem is, with the music stores in town, I can't go out and try a lot of basses - just listen to them on youtube. So, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. wdinc01


    Nov 19, 2005
    Jacksonville, FL
    I dig that song. And I've had a Spector Legend before. I didn't really like the stock electronics much, but it was comfy. If you can handle 35" scale, then I'd say go for it, but you might wanna upgrade the electronics.

    Also, if a Stingray is out of your price range, then a SUB would be something else to look for.
  3. Gord


    Jan 10, 2004
    BC, Canada
    Thanks so much, it obviously sounds a bit different with vocals haha!

    I think what I'm looking for is a great feeling/looking bass that can be upgraded if need be. The tuners are basically the only thing stock on the aerodyne - I have no problem getting dirty with upgrading all the parts!

    I've heard that about the spectors, though. I think upgrading the electronics is no problem, but from what I've heard it's not too bad on its own. How do they feel? I haven't heard anything about how fast they play or anything like that. I'm going from a jazz neck, so that's my starting point.

    How would the SUB compare with the Legend?

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