What Bass Is This??

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by devinp17, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. devinp17

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    Hey everyone. I came across a Fender Bass on eBay that I've never seen before... Here's some Pictures:
    eBay Pics:


    Some other website Pics:

    Apparently (the eBay seller says), it's a Fender Japan Jazz Bass Special 1986-1987. Well, I know what a Fender Japan Jazz Bass Special is; and this isn't one. Unless Fender made some sort of other model of this bass... Maybe? I don't know.

    So, is this even a real Fender? Or is it just a really rare Fender? Thanks for the help guys :)
  2. TheEmptyCell

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    Jul 16, 2005
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    Looks like a Jazz Bass Special to me, just without a painted headstock. What makes you think it isn't one?
  3. devinp17

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    Look at the tuning pegs and volume/tone nobs... They're different than the "more common" jazz bass special. Yes I know they could have been changed, but every bass like this that I've seen pics of has the same type hardware and neck... Also, look above the volume/tone nobs; no toggle. And the jack is in a different place. I think its a JBS too, but a little different and just has the same name... Weird...
  4. TheAnalogKid

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    Out of curiosity, I checked the ebay ad to see what the model is. I looked at the zoomed-in images of the fretboard and saw a mega-poor de-fret job. Unless you are into chunks of rosewood missing and poorly filled in fret slots, I have to say "Negative, Ghost Rider".
  5. devinp17

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    Yes, I did take a closer look later and saw that horrifying fretboard lol... the frets could've been just worn down by a certain string... I doubt it though. Most likely an attempt at de-fretting.
  6. Lo-E


    Dec 19, 2009
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    Looks to me like a mid-eighties Jazz Bass Special with a non-original, poorly de-fretted neck. Neck doesn't look right at all... definitely not mid-eighties and maybe not even Fender, but the body looks about right.

    EDIT: On second look, the control layout is wrong. J-Bass Specials have a toggle switch. The bass in the add is bogus and probably not Fender at all.