What bass should I take ?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by GrooveMonkey, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. MIA P-Bass (Phatty boombalatty)

    3 vote(s)
  2. HW1 Jazz Bass

    6 vote(s)
  3. Warwick Thumb (Grrrrrowl)

    29 vote(s)
  4. Take 'em all Doofus!

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  1. What bass should I take to the National Guitar Workshop next week? I'll be spending a week in CT at the workshop immersed in bass classes and performances. I'm taking my Ampeg B100R combo and I'm not sure if I should take just one bass or more...
  2. Obsolex

    Obsolex Guest

    Nov 17, 2002





    Take the thumb all the way man...
  3. I'f I was in your place, I'd take the thumb , definately.
  4. Whats that thing that I used to use to play crapily...oh yeah, my thumb (on my hand tho ;)) :D TAKE THE THUMB!
  5. you should take the one/s that you feel most comfortable playing or that is the most appropriate for the music style you are going to be playing

    I dont know just take em all :p
  6. Killdar


    Dec 16, 2002
    Portland Maine
    If you didn't take your thumb, you wouldn't be able to slap.
  7. herrera


    Feb 15, 2002
    in the price range of the thumb there is also the stingray

    but i would choose the thumb
  8. joel the bass player

    joel the bass player Supporting Member

    Nov 27, 2000
    Omaha, NE
    If I were in your shoes, I would be inclined to take all of them, but if that wasn't an option, I would take my favorite, and of those that would probably be the Thumb!

  9. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    I took two basses to NGW, and found myself carrying one around. Most likely you won't have much time between classes to switch basses, so either you'd have to carry 'em all around all day, or leave the rest in your room. Depending on your age, it's not so bad...if you're between 17-25 I think, your dorm would be close, if you're older, your dorm isn't too bad, if you're under 17, thats one HELL of a walk. I had to make it a few times daily carrying a Stingray and a 15 watt amp and I swear my arms got longer!

    Take one bass, and even if you're against gig bags, bring one anyway. In that case, take your least favorite basses, and of course, your most solid. I brought my 6-bolt Stingray and my favorite SR400, and after a day, the neck adjusted so much on my Ibanez that I had to leave it in the case, and my Stingray stayed perfectly straight. You most likely won't be in a climate controlled dorm.
  10. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    And another word of advice, bring something NOT made by Fender...therefore your Thumb. With my Stingray, I was the only one not playing a Fender, and even worse, it was still a Fender design. Bring something unique :)
  11. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin Inactive

    Dec 11, 1999

    Make sure you sign up for Bass Choir. It is cool and I'll probably be teaching it. If you are not in any of my classes, please make sure you stop by and hang for a bit anyway

    Mike Dimin
  12. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin Inactive

    Dec 11, 1999
    REALLY great advice! Take the bass that you don't mind carrying/playing for 8-10 hours a day.

  13. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin Inactive

    Dec 11, 1999
    REALLY great advice! Take the bass that you don't mind carrying/playing for 8-10 hours a day.

  14. Forget your bass - just take me!
  15. NGW rocks man!
    You're gonna be like 10 minutes from my house.
    I took classes with Dave Overthrow who is awesome and brought my own and only bass, my Cort.

    I would suggest 2 basses, one to play in classes/show off and keep in the classes(thumb maybe...) and one to fool around with in your dorm room.

    What classes are you taking by the way?

    tplyons when did you go to NGW? New milford right? I was there the very first session for a week. Did i meet you?
  16. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin Inactive

    Dec 11, 1999
    Well the last week of NGW is coming to an end. GrooveMonkey (aka Eric) is great player. He jumped into all playing situations. Held down the bottom end with the best of them. It was a pleasure to meet him, hang with him, and in some small way teach him.

  17. Figjam


    Aug 5, 2003
    Boston, MA
    I say you spend some much needed quality time with the Warwick. BTW good choice for the amp, its what i use and love.
  18. Thanks for the kind words Mike! I had a blast this week!

    Next time I'll definetly do the bass choir thing. Sharon hooked me up with enough learning material to keep me in the shed for a long time.

    Let me know when you'll be gigging in Saratoga.

    Thanks again.