What books do you guys reccomend for me?

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  1. I've been playing on and off for 10 years and started to play serious recently and was wondering what books I need. I've taken at least 15 lessons before and started some lessons a couple days ago. The lesson's help, but I feel that I can learn from a book just as well as my current bass teacher. The problem is that I have the technique down, but I don't know what a Gm7 is. I know a major scale and my improvise takes time because I don't understand the theory. It seems like I know some, but I can't get it together. When I used to play on my High School Jazz band 5 years ago, I had to improvise. What I would do is play what sounds right but I wouldn't know what I was playing. Also I would sit down and make stuff up until it sounds right, memorize it, then write on a piece of paper and play it. Lately I've been listening to Michael Maning, Marcus Miller, Jaco, Victor Wooten, Steve Baily, Larry Graham, etc. I want to be a person that knows how to play all types of music and I feel that Jazz is the foundation for rock, blues, funk, etc. Thanks for your help, and I hope everything makes sense.
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    Why not ask your new bass teacher for ideas? They, if anyone, should be able to make a good assessment of what available books are suitable for your present level.