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What bridge and tuners?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Tihi, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Hi there!

    I'm assembling a Fender P ('70s neck and body).
    Should I look for a vintage bridge and tuners also (IMO to expensive)? Are they better (better materials) or what?
    Or can I find something new, but good quality that does not include routing?

    Perhaps Schaller vintage tuners?
    What bridge?

  2. ElBajista


    Dec 13, 2005
    Sebring, FL
    Are you trying to make a completely vintage-looking bass? If so, I'd go for basically the official Fender bridge and tuners. I don't think there is much difference between Fender-style bridges of today and those of the 70's, but some modern vintage-style tuners are lighter, such as hipshot ultralites.

    If you don't care about retaining the 100% "vintage" look, I'd personally go for some hipshot "cloverleaf" ultralites + badass or schaller bridge.

    As far as I know, you shouldn't have to route anything, as long as the neck and body have all the proper holes drilled.
  3. Would like something similar to vintage look, but quality is on first place.
  4. ElBajista


    Dec 13, 2005
    Sebring, FL
    Gotoh bridge have that round-saddle vintage look, as well as having much more mass and weight, IIRC.