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  1. LennyPenny


    Mar 14, 2011
    I'm in the process of (virtually) putting together my new future Jake, and I'm slightly confused about what bridge to get. Maruszczyk have an online configurator, which is insanely useful. They have various types of bridges, some at no extra cost and a bunch of Hipshot ones at extra cost. There are different/less options if you choose a string spacing smaller than 19mm, which I don't intend to do so that's irrelevant to my question. For reference, check out the link:

    Jake C - Hardware | Public Peace

    I hope this link works as intended, it should take you straight to the hardware section. If it doesn't, go to Home | Public Peace --> Custom Shop (at the top) --> Configurator (on the right) --> Jake C or Elwood C (the Frog model has different bridge options) --> tab Hardware.

    I know I don't want an F-style bridge because I much prefer bridges where you can hook the strings into place without having to thread them through a hole like you do on an F-style bridge. I also know I don't want any of the Hipshot ones because I don't care enough about it to want to pay €80-120 extra.

    That leaves the Standard and Standard Big bridges. Is there any functional reason to choose one over the other or is it just esthetics? Am I correct in assuming the Big one has easier intonation adjustment because of the spring, so you don't have to nudge the saddle piece in the correct position? Visually I like the normal one a bit better because it's a bit more elegant looking and not as 'industrial', if that's the right word. I don't really care much about how it looks, I just don't want to go eenie-meenie-minie-mo when there may be a valid reason why I would prefer either.

    Much obliged!
  2. Yes, if the pictures are correct, the big bridge has screws to move the saddles for intonation. The other bridge will probably have a set screw to loosen up and move the saddle with your fingers and tighten the set screw. It’s somewhat of a moot point because the intonation should get set then you don’t really have to worry about it unless you change string type or gauge.

    If I was specing the bass I’d just pick the one that looks better to me.
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    Saddle adjustment is never a moot point. The easier a bridge is to set up, the less fussing around you have to do, and the more likely you are to play the thing. I would find the ones that are easy to adjust first, and then the prettiest of that bunch. The Standard Big bridge meets those criteria. The standard bridge while looking pretty, will be fussy to set the intonation on. The Fender type you have already ruled out, though it is easy to set up, it is neither top load nor particularly attractive.

    Your initial link worked just fine. When I post a link I test it as soon as I post. Then you know.
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  4. I just meant that if the OP sticks with the same strings he shouldn’t have to fiddle with the bridge adjustments too much, if at all.
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