What bridge to pair with Darkstars

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  1. Eilif

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    Oct 1, 2001
    This was a genre crossing question, but I thought it'd fit in nicely here.

    For those of you with experience with Darkstar pickups, what bridge do you prefer to use with those pups?

    I'm just about finished with my Darkstar project. It's a Rosewood board t-40 neck with mahogany body and dual DS's in aproximate t-40 positions.

    I liked the tone of the darkstars when they were formerly in a t-40 body with the high mass t-40 bridge. Thus I'm probably going to go with a BadAssII that I have. My only concern is that some folks seem to think that the BAII saps some of the bass frequencies.

    I haven't had any similar problems with my BAII equipped Jazz, but I wanted to check in here before I mount something that could potentially alter the tone and indent the finish (8-10 coats of hand rubbed poly)
  2. bassman10096

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    Jul 30, 2004
    I've owned a couple of BA's and several other high mass bridges. I definitely like the sound of some of the brass bridges better, including for use with DS pickups. My pref would be a Hipshot A in brass. I used that with a pair of Dark Stars on a homebuilt bass and just loved what it did with the Dark Stars - definitely no lost low end. The only reason I'm not using it anymore is that I've gone short scale, with a Guild JSII that's getting Dark Starred as we speak. That one's also getting an Alembic-inspired brass bridge and tailpiece set up with a brass bridge block under the bridge mounting. I think overall, I like the sound brass brings you better than the alloy BAs are made with.